Raksaganda Waterfall is a famous waterfall in Chhattisgarh. 

It is on the Rihand river at  ‘Balangi’ in the Surajpur district.

Here the water of the river falls from a height and merges into a narrow pool. 

The depth of kund is very high.

A 100-meter-long tunnel emerges from the pool. 

Where this tunnel ends, colorful water keeps coming out from there. 

Due to its strangeness, this waterfall makes people feel a unique natural beauty.

In summer, the condition of all the wild and social animals seems to worsen.

In such a situation, everyone should take advantage of the summer vacation, which will give relief from the heat and also spend time with the family.

About Rakasganda Waterfall

Rakasganda Waterfall is fascinating to the people.

Due to being in the border area, tourists from MP and UP visit Raksaganda Falls.

People come here for picnics throughout the year.

Now the tourism department has expanded the facilities near Raksaganda waterfall.

A watch tower has been built for those who reach there, from the top of which the waterfall can be seen.

At the same time, a separate place has been earmarked for the picnicker, where arrangements have been made to sit.

Along with this, a roof has also been made to avoid sunlight.

significantly, Raksaganda waterfall is in the Vananchal area.

Only mountains and forests are visible in three directions around this waterfall, which look very beautiful in the winter season.

Apart from this, the special thing about the waterfall is that it flows from the middle of the river.

At the same time, there are only stones in the vicinity of the waterfall, and a dam is tied to the river, on which people spend time sitting.

However, from the point of view of safety, a lot of precaution needs to be taken near this waterfall, because the water of the waterfall falls deeply from top to bottom and there are only stones around it.

In such a situation, there is a possibility of untoward incidents on seeing the waterfall closely.

Pandos, a specially protected tribe, live around the waterfall and attract people with arrows and bows.

The distance of Raksaganda waterfall from Ambikapur

It is around 150.0 km (93.2 mi) from Ambikapur

Distance of Raksaganda waterfall from Wadraf nagar

The waterfall is around 60.0 km (37.3 mi) from Wadraf nagar

Best time to visit Rakasganda Waterfall

The best time to see Rakasganda is around April – June.

Raksaganda waterfall is suitable for visiting in the winter and summer seasons. Still, during the rainy season, it isn’t easy to reach the waterfall due to the overflowing of water in the river.

Rakasganda Waterfall Tourists reach from far and wide in Rakasganda. Every year people from far and wide including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh reach here. Whether it is the new year or festival, people flock here in all seasons.

Opening time

Always open.

How to reach Rakasganda Waterfall

 Many transport buses are available, from Wadraf Nagar, to reach Balangi, the last village before Rakasganda.

From Balangi four-wheelers or two-wheelers can be hired to reach Rakasganda. 

One can easily reach here by bus, bike, car, or private transport.


Fall is the best place to spend time with family and friends.



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