After Ayodhya, the work of Ram Van gaman Path-Chhattisgarh also started in Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh has a very close relationship with Lord Ram.

Mata Kaushalya herself was the princess of Chhattisgarh, while Lord Ram also spent a lot of time in Chhattisgarh during his exile.

Even today, on the basis of mythological, religious, and historical beliefs, many such places in Chhattisgarh, are linked with Lord Rama.

The government is trying to connect all these places in the Ramvangaman path.

According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama spent his exile in Dandakaranya.

A large part of Chhattisgarh is considered as Dandakaranya of ancient times.

Now those places are being developed with new facilities, for which it is claimed that God stayed here during exile.

Ram Van Gaman Path-Chhattisgarh

People will have darshan of Lord Shriram at every step in the Ram Van Gaman Path being built from Koriya district to Sukma.

The total length of the Ram Van Gaman Path is about 2260 kms.

On these roads, you will see and hear signboards, and stories related to Shri Ram’s exile.

Many types of trees are being planted on these roads.

These trees will make you feel the same as the memories of the time of Lord Rama’s exile in the people’s minds.

Marking 75 places related to the exile period of Ram, they are being linked together in the form of a new tourism circuit.

In the first phase, 9 places are being beautified and developed from the Korea district located in North Chhattisgarh to the Sukma district in the South.

All these places are already full of natural scenery.

Now they are being made greener through tree plantation.

More about Ram Van Gaman Path-Chhattisgarh

Beautiful gardens with fragrant flowers will also be prepared at all the selected tourist places.

During the current year, the Forest Department has planted more than one and a half lakh saplings on both sides of the 528-kilometer route of Ram Van Gaman.

Planting of trees like Peepal, Banyan, Mango, Harra, Behda, Jamun, Arjun, Khamhar, Amla, Shishu, Karanj, Neem, etc. is included on this entire route.

Biodiversity will also be visible to the whole world through Ram Van Gaman Path.

The beginning was made in Mata Kaushalya Temple of Chandkhuri near Raipur.

There is a plantation on both sides of about 1400 km of roads.

In the first phase, 9 places have been selected on the Ram Van Gaman Path.

Landscaping pre-cast and fabrication work at all places, Lord Ram’s bow, and arrow at the gate.

Ram flags will be installed, there will be lampposts of ancient look

Let us know about those places of Chhattisgarh which are related to Lord Ram-

The first phase of Ram Van Gaman Path-Chhattisgarh

These include Sitamarhi-Harchauka (Korea), Ramgarh (Ambikapur), Shivri Narayan (Janjgir-Champa), Turturia (Balodabazar), Chandkhuri Mata Kaushalaya Temple (Raipur), Rajim (Gariaband), Sihawa-Sarishi Ashram (Dhamtari), Jagdalpur (Bastar) and Ramaram. (Sukma) are included. Out of this, work has started in Chandrapuri Raipur, where more than 30 percent work has been completed.

At the same time, work is going on in Rajim and Turturia with Shivrinarayan.

These eight places will be developed in the first phase


Korea is in the district. This is considered to be the first stop of Rama’s exile period. It is located on the banks of the river, where the caves have 17 chambers. It is also known as Sita’s Kitchen.

hill of Ramgarh Sitabenga cave

There is a three-chambered Sitabengra cave on the hill of Ramgarh in the Surguja district. It is said to be the oldest theater in the country. It is said that Ram reached here during his exile, this was Sita’s room. Kalidas composed Meghdootam here.


Stopping at this place in Janjgir-Champa district, Lord Rama had eaten the false berries of Shabri. Here is the confluence of Jok, Mahanadi and Shivnath rivers. There is also a temple of Nar-Narayan and Shabri. There is such a banyan tree near the temple, which has leaves in the shape of two.

Turturiya-Ram Van Gaman Path

There is a legend about this place in Balodabazar Bhatapara district that the hermitage of Maharishi Valmiki was here. Turturia was the birthplace of Luv-Kush. The water of Balabhadri Nala emerges from between the rocks, hence the sound of Turtur emerges, from which the name Turturiya was derived.

Chandkhuri Mata Kushalaya Temple-Ram Van Gaman Path

In this village of Raipur district which has 126 ponds, there is a temple of Lord Rama’s mother Kaushalya in the middle of Jalsen pond. This is the only temple of Kaushalya Mata in the world. Chandkhuri is said to be the birthplace of Mata Kaushalya, hence it is called Nanihal of Ram.

Rajim-Ram Van Gaman Path

This is called the Prayag of Gariaband district, where Sondhur, Pari, and Mahanadi confluence.

It is said that Rama worshiped his family deity Mahadev at this place during his exile, hence the temple of Kuleshwar Maharaj is situated here.

A fair is also held here.

Sihawa-Ram Van Gaman Path

There are ashrams of sages like Muchkund Ashram, Agastya Ashram, Angira Ashram, Shringi Rishi Ashram, Kankar Rishi Ashram, Sharbhang Rishi Ashram, and Gautam Rishi Ashram, etc. in different hills of Sihawa in Dhamtari district.

Rama spent some time in Dandakaranya’s hermitage meeting sages.


It is the headquarters of the Bastar district.

So, well surrounded by forest all around.

lord Ram passed through the Jagdalpur region during his exile, as the road to Chitrakot passes through here. Jagdalpur was made the last capital of the Kakatiya king, a descendant of the Pandus.

Second phase

They will develop after the second phase

Korea – Sitamarhi Ghaghra,

They will develop after the second phase

Korea – Sitamarhi Ghaghra, Kotadole, Seemamarhi Chatoda (Siddha Baba Ashram), Devsil, Ramgarh (Sonhat), Amritdhara

Surguja – Deogarh, Maheshpur, Bandarkot (Ambikapur to Darima Marg), Mainpat, Mangrelgarh, Pampapur

Jashpur-Kilkila (Bildwar Cave), Sarasore, Raksaganda,

Janjgir Champa-Chandrapur, Kharoud, Janjgir


Balodabazar Bhatapara – Arterial, Palari, Narayanpur (Kasdol)


Raipur-Arang, Champaran


Dhamtari – Madhuban (Rakadih), Atarmara (Atarpur), Sitanadi

Kanker-Kanker (Kank Rishi Ashram)

Kondagaon – Gardhanora (Keshkal), Jatayushila (Farsgaon)

Narayanpur – Narayanpur (Raksa Dongri), small hill

Dantewada – Barsoor, Dantewada, Geedam

Bastar- Chitrakoot, Narayanpal, Tirathgarh

Sukma – Ramaram, Injaram, Konta


It may be noted that 75 places related to Ram’s exile in Chhattisgarh are being identified and linked together in the form of a new tourism circuit.




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