The production of Ramanuja Vilas or  Korea Palace is in 1923 AD.

Earlier the Koriya palace is Ramanuja Vilas. 

The location in which this palace became is Rajapara.

However, It is presently in Mahalpara.

History of Ramanuja Vilas

The layout paintings of this palace became commenced in 1923.

Mapping of Ramanuja Vilas is done by a company in Nagpur in 1923

 At that point, the map became made for 7 thousand rupees. 

The basis of the palace is 12 toes deep. 

A historian Dr.Ramchandra Singh dev gives information that the family of the king lives here.

That was kaacchha ghar.

In 1924 construction of the palace rapidly pace to give employment to workers.

So, thousands of people get employment.

After that, the floor ground of the palace became organized via way of means of the artisans who got here from specific provinces.

 The higher part of the palace became finished in 1938.

1939 second floor construction started.

Mapping is done by a German artist.

At that time place is Gadi.

Palace has two sides one for male members and another for females.

 and the whole painting became finished in 1946 AD. 

The palace is complete with limestone. 

four domes have been withinside the palace.

wherein Mughal and Rajasthani fashion forts have been carved. 

Presently the workmanship and significance of the palace remain.

 There is a cannon located on the pinnacle of the palace that is three hundred years old. 

Many rooms and a pair of courtyards were constructed withinside the palace. 

Even these days its grandeur remains. 

There is additionally a lovely lawn on the roof of the palace.

That is The Secret Garden.

it became the primary lawn in India that became constructed on the pinnacle of a palace. 

Whereas Plantation of unique forms of flora in the palace. 

Lime also use for plaster, for this marble has been imported from Italy. 

At present, Korea Palace is being constructed at the traces of this palace in Muktangan Raipur.

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