Ramaram Temple of Sukma is being developed as ‘Ram Van Gaman Path’ by the Government of Chhattisgarh.

Under the Ram Van Gaman Path, Jamwant Cave is being built here.

Which is at a distance of 600 meters from the temple.

Ram Sita Kutiya is being built at a distance of 300 meters from the temple.

Ram Pad Chin Kutiya is being constructed 100 meters away from the temple.

A rock garden is being built 650 meters away from Ramaram temple.

Ramaram temple

It is believed that three goddesses meet in Ramaram.

Also, they are sisters.

According to belief, Mata Chitmitin, Ramaramin, and Muzaria Chhindgarh meet here.

All of them are welcomed with tribal traditions.

After the organization of this fair, fairs started being organized at various places in the district.

Mother’s palanquin was taken out from Ramaram temple

A day before the fair, Mother’s palanquin had left for Ramaram from Sukma Stij Rajbada.

After the fair, Mata ki Doli will go back to Rajbada late in the evening, and then the Sukma fair will be organized.

The doors of the temple were opened today at around 11 am.

Members of the royal family performed prayers praying for the peace and progress of the region.

Right after that, there was a continuous flow of devotees throughout the day which continued till late evening.

Traders from far and wide had come to set up shops at the fair site.

Devotees lined up to have darshan of Sukmadevi.

History of Ramaram temple

According to the temple priest Durga Prasad Thakur, the Mother Goddess used to worship here on the hill.

The priest used to come here every day and while going back he used to go to Rajbada with the urn, but one day the priest forgot to take the urn and when he returned, it was already night and Mother Goddess was offering food to all the gods. Seeing the priest back, the goddess got angry and threw the urn. After that the urn rolled back and a temple was built where it stopped.

Here Lord Shri Ram worshiped Bhu Devi

According to the forest journey of Lord Shri Ram in Chhattisgarh, Lord Shri Ram reached Ramaram situated on the banks of Shabari river via Kutamsar. Here Lord Shri Ram along with Mother Sita worshiped Bhoodevi. Right after that he reached Injram. Therefore, here along with the local gods and goddesses, Lord Shri Ram is also worshipped.

Ramaram: An important religious place that houses the footprints of Lord Ram

There is a popular belief among the locals of South Bastar, that Ramaram in the Sukma district, is the footprint of Lord Ram.

It is also believed that here Ram ji worshipped Bhoomi Devi, a Hindu deity representing the earth.
Ramaram is also home to the famous Chittamittin temple. On the occasion of Ramnavami, a mega fair is organized by the local tribal community at this place to worship the deity Chittamittin. The fair is also attended by various tribal communities from nearby areas and tourists.

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