Ramdah Falls is between the rocks on the Banas river.

Benipura is a small village about two kilometers from this waterfall. 

This is the last-end village of Bharatpur Janpad Panchayat. 

It is about 100-120 feet high and about 20-25 feet wide.

 Ramdah Falls

The Ramdah waterfall of North Chhattisgarh with dense sal forests and river channels.

The waterfall is a major central tourist attraction for the last few years. 

The proper facilities are not available.

But the beauty of this place attracts people from neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh besides Chhattisgarh.

The falling water of the Banas river from a height of several feet and the surrounding dense forests further enhance its beauty. 

This is the reason that a large number of people come here to enjoy nature along with the family during the holidays.

 From the point of view of security, protective boards have been installed by the administration in many places.

 There is no arrangement for food and water for the tourists around the waterfall.

 Businessmen do not set up shops here even at the local level. 

The tourists who reach here make all the arrangements themselves. 

initially, the number of tourists reaching here was limited but now the situation has completely changed.

People reach here only because of the natural beauty.

A beautiful view of nature is seen here.

Everything is years old due to a lack of construction work here in the name of development.

Nature is seen here in its original form.

Dense forest all around and Ramdaha waterfall in the middle.

This waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Koriya district.

The falling water looks like milk hitting the rocks, which is enough to attract a tourist.

The dense forests surrounding it adds to its beauty. Going here through the paths in the middle of the forests also gives a different comfort.

Best time to visit

During the months of December and January, people come here for earlier picnics. 

This waterfall is completely natural, which spreads its beauty during rainy days.

When the water of Banas river falls down from the height, it appears as if the mist surrounds the whole place. 

So, the best time is from July to March.

How to reach

The road is available.

Distance of  Ramdah Falls from Bilaspur

280 km from Bilaspur

Distance of  Ramdah Falls from Janakpur

35 km from Janakpur

Distance of  Ramdah Falls from Baikunthpur

110 KM from Baikunthpur

Distance of  Ramdah Falls from Manendragarh

70 KM from Manendragarh

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