Rani Dhara Waterfall is in the Jashpur district in Chhattisgarh and could be very rich in phrases of tourism.

However, it’s miles a tribal ruled place in which you may get to peer wealthy way of life other than traveler locations.

Ranidah waterfall is 15 km from Jashpur district headquarter.
Due to the well-known Mahakaleshwar temple and ancient location of Panchmaiya close to this waterfall, it additionally has spiritual importance.
Jashpur district in Chhattisgarh is pretty wealthy from the factor of view of tourism, it’s a far tribal region where you’ll get to look at wealthy subcultures other than traveler locations.
There is much herbal and spiritual tourism right here that appeals to tourists.
There are many waterfalls in the Jashpur region, amongst them is Rani Dah waterfall.
It is one of the satisfactory locations for picnics for the area people who come right here from some distance and extensive to have a picnic and revel in its beauty.

There are also many herbal and nonsecular excursions right here that magnetize tourists.

Basically, There are many waterfalls in Jashpur place, amongst them Rani Dhara Falls.

It is one of the quality locations for picnics.

This Ranidhara Waterfall could be very lovely however the tale associated with it’s also very interesting.

Let`s recognize approximately Ranidhara Falls and the tale associated with it.

Ranidha Falls

Rani Dhara Waterfall is in the Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh state, it’s miles located amidst dense forests at a distance of approximately 15 km from the district headquarters. 

Just as there’s specifically a Shiva temple close to each waterfall, in addition, there’s additionally a Shiva temple close to the waterfall.

Rani Dhara Falls splits into 3 components and falls into large rocks which make for a lovely sight.

To see this waterfall, the authorities have made many viewpoints, and together with it, stairs have been made maintaining in thoughts the protection of the tourists.

The wonderful view of Rani Dah you get to peer after coming down from the steps will fascinate your thoughts.

The maximum brutal shape of this waterfall is visible withinside the wet season however you may go to it in any season.

Let us now recognize approximately the tale associated with Rani Dhara Falls.

Ranidha Waterfall Story

According to the local community, there has been a queen of Orissa whose call changed into Shiromani.

Rani Shiromani changed into being in love with a younger guy from some other caste and desired to marry him however her father and brother have been towards this love.

The queen’s father and 5 brothers desired to get married to some other person.

Because of this, the queen ran far from her nation and reached Jashpur place and her 5 brothers have been added following her.

The queen did now no longer need to marry absolutely everyone apart from her lover at any cost, so she gave her lifestyle by leaping right into a ditch close to Rani Dah Falls.

After the suicide of Rani Shiromani, humans named this waterfall as Rani Dah Falls.

Even nowadays you can see the tomb of the queen. 

Apart from all those, the Panchmaiya close to this waterfall, that’s a set of 5 stones, it’s miles believed that those 5 stones have been the brothers of Queen Shiromani who due to the curse.

Why go to Ranidha Falls

If you’re a nature lover and you’re keen on seeing dense forests, waterfalls, etc.

Then you definitely have to go to Rani Dhara Falls once. 

Apart from this, you may cross right here for a picnic together with your own circle of relatives in the course of Teej festivals. 

It is a superb location for a picnic. 

Come the day many humans come right here to have a picnic with their pals.


It is infrequently 12 Km from H.Q close to Echkela

Best time to visit

Ranidah Falls is best from June to February.

How to reach

This waterfall is at a distance of approximately 15 kilometers from the district headquarters in Jashpur, you may effortlessly attain it through your or a 4-wheeler vehicle.

Nearest Bus Stand 

Jashpur Bus Stand is connected with Raigarh, Ambikapur, and Ranchi.

Nearest Railway Station 

Ambikapur Railway Station and Ranchi Railway Station

Nearest Airport 

 Swami Vivekananda Airport Raipur

Places To Visit Near Rani Dah Waterfall

We tell you withinside the starting that Jashpur has many herbal and non secular locations .

which you may cross, a number of the traveler locations are below.

Dangari Waterfall 

 This is the maximum lovely waterfall in Jashpur that’s in dense forests.

If you visit Jashpur then do now no longer omit to peer this herbal location.

The top of this waterfall is ready one hundred toes and falls in 3 components, from a distance it appears as though there are numerous waterfalls collectively.

This is a quality location for the local community to have a picnic. Local humans frequently come right here for picnics.

Rajpuri Waterfall 

 Rajpuri Waterfall is close to the lawn at a distance of approximately ninety km from Jashpur.

Nature fans are drawn closer to this waterfall. Along with this, this waterfall is one of the quality locations for picnics.

Kailash Gufa 

 Out of all of the traveler locations in Jashpur district, it’s miles one such traveler location in which a huge range of humans attains.

A grand fair is held right here every 12 months on Shivratri, wherein humans from some distance and extensive participate.

It is assumed by many of the humans of Stania that Saint Gahira Guru had thrilled Shankar by doing penance right here.

Catholic Church Kunkuri 

This church is the middle of the religion of Christians.

The Catholic Church of Kunkuri is also the second biggest church withinside the world.

It is likewise to as the Queen of the Rosary.

In this church, approximately 10 thousand humans pray collectively.

People come from some distance and extensive to peer it.


Many own circles of relatives come to revel in the spot located withinside the center of woodland and Hills.
Waterfall and herbal surroundings give an explanation for the delight of visitors.

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