Rani ki Vav is a historic shape, which turned into constructed with the aid of using Rani Udayamati withinside the reminiscence of her overdue husband Raja Bhimdev.

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exciting records approximately rani ki vav the queen stepwell of Gujarat

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Being one of the many distinguished vacation locations in Gujarat, Rani Vav draws a variety of humans with its historic matters.

This lovely shape turned into constructed withinside the eleventh century as a memorial to a king.

Built at the banks of river Saraswati, this 7-storeyed Vav is sixty-four meters lengthy, 20 meters extensive, and 27 meters deep.

There is likewise a 30 km lengthy mysterious tunnel on this Vav, which is going to Siddhpur in Patan.

The splendor of the carvings of the historic stepwell, and the splendor of the paintings now no longer handiest makes the hearts of the travelers coming right here happy, however, additionally introduce them to the history.

Let us inform you approximately a few exciting matters right here –

This Rani ki Vav stepwell was constructed with the aid of using the queen withinside the reminiscence of the king

There are many such homes in India.

that have been constructed with the aid of using many kings withinside the reminiscence of their wives.

However, Rani ki Vav is pretty distinctive and unique, which turned into constructed withinside the 12 months of 1063 with the aid of using Queen Udayamati of the Solanki dynasty withinside the reminiscence of her overdue husband Raja Bhimdev.

Stepwell Architecture

The structure of the stepwell will seem like a temple, and that is true.

The stepwell is like an inverted temple.

with seven ranges of stairs superbly with mythological and nonsecular imagery.

The stepwell is ready 30 meters deep, which is historic and non secular.


The mystery of the tunnel in Bawdi 

Every construction has its very own mystery.

in addition, Rani ka Vav additionally has it.

Under the final step of the bottom step of the Baoli, there’s a gate, inner which there’s a 30-meter lengthy tunnel.

This tunnel also opens at Siddhpur, which could be very near Patan.

Medicinal residences of water and plant life right here 

It is thought that around five a long time ago, medicinal plant life and water saved withinside the stepwell had been used to therapy viral fever and different ailments.

Sculptures in Rani Ki Vav

More than 800 idols were withinside the internal partitions of the stepwell.

These partitions and pillars have carvings of Lord Vishnu, at the side of different sculptures of sages, apsaras, and brahmins.

International Heritage Site Rani ki Vav

The World Heritage Site in Patan, Rani ki Vav is one of the UNESCO-indexed World Heritage Sites due to the fact 2014, was maintained with the aid of using the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

If you’re touring Patan, do go to the Rani ki Vav, which depicts the craftsmanship of the artisans of that time.

Make positive to encompass Jain Temple and Sarsarling Pond in Patan to your list.

How to attain Rani ki Vav

By Road

 Intercity buses take 3.five hours from Ahmedabad to Patan and 1 hour from Meh. 

If you need to attain early, you may take a percentage jeep.

By Rail

Train will take you until Mehsana (1.five hours). From there you need to trap a bus to Patan.

By Air

Nearest airport is Ahmedabad.

Place to visit near

Patan Patola Heritage Musem

Panchasara Parshwanath Jain Derasar

Modhera Sun temple

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