Rudri Dam or Rudri pick-up weir is one of the oldest irrigation projects on the Mahanadi in Chhattisgarh. 

This dam is in the heart of the Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh state. 

This dam is in operation since 1915 AD. 

Rudri Barrage replaced Rudri Dam in 1993 AD. 

Drinking water is also supplied to Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh from this dam.


History of Rudri Dam 

During the British rule in the country, the barrage built on Mahanadi at Rudri and the canal that came out of it has become the lifeline of four districts of the state.

 Due to this, not only the crops of 6 lakh 55 thousand acres of fields are getting irrigation facilities, but also the people of many cities and hundreds of villages of all four districts are getting the facility of drainage along with drinking water.

The history of the British in the region during their two hundred years of rule is full of many tales of cruelty, excesses, and discrimination, but they also did some good works, one of which is the construction of the Rudri barrage for irrigation facility. 

According to the Water Resources Department, this barrage built-in 1915 is a unique example of the technology and architecture of that time.

Although a new barrage has been built here in 2006, whose capacity is much more than the old barrage, the civil structure made of stones and the machinery of gate operation of the old barrage has been completely preserved as heritage, which is still far away to see. People come from far away.

Rudri Dam is the lifeline of 4 districts

The 116 km long Mahanadi main canal has been built for the irrigation of crops from Rudri Barrage. Distributary branch canals have emerged from this canal at various places, which are further connected to small irrigation drains.

 Along with Dhamtari, this network of canals and drains is spread up to Balod, Raipur, and Balodabazar districts, due to which 6 lakh 55 thousand acres of land is irrigated every year in Kharif season. 

Because of the canal, there has been prosperity in the lives of the farmers of these districts and their standard of living has also increased.

Apart from this, every year water is given from the canals for drinking water and drainage during the summer season.

 Apart from this, water is also sent to the residents of Dhamtari and Raipur cities through filters.

Attraction place near Rudri Dam 

Sondur Dam

Sitanadi Waterfall

Rajiv lochan Temple

Gadiya Pahad

Gangrel Dam

Tandula Dam

How to reach 

By Road

The distance of Rudri dam from Dhamtri is about 6km.

However, from Raipur Rudri dam is 84 km far.

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