Saatdhara Waterfall is surrounded by large boulders and dense forests, and there is beautiful natural scenery to soothe the hearts of tourists. Thousands of people visit every year. When people come here, they have picnics, fun, and fishing. 

Saatdhara waterfall

Satdhara waterfall
Satdhara waterfall

Saatdhara is in Barsur Dantewada  Chhattisgarh.

Barsur is bit naxalism area.

But they never harm anyone.

This is a state rich in natural beauty with unique natural hues, rivers in places, mountains in places, and national parks in places.

The waterfall Drops from  10 to 15 feet. 

Here  Indravati river divides into seven streams.

 It looks very beautiful and enchanting.

This is very surprising.

Barsur was also known as the city of temples and ponds,  in ancient times there were 147 ancient temples and ponds, but now the ponds have dried up and the temples have been damaged, so you cannot see the temples and ponds.

By the stream divided. 

1- Krishna Dhara 

2- Pandava Dhara 

3- Prad Dhara 

4- Buddhist Dhara 

5- Kapil Dhara 

6- Shiv Dhara 

7- Suchitra Dhara, 

hence called Saat Dhara. 

The Indravati River is a tributary of the Godavari River. 

It is a quiet picnic spot.

However, where natural beauty is also beautiful.

avoid here from coming during market days because of the noise due to the market.

There is also a temple near the marketplace.

  Best season to visit the waterfall

 This is one of the famous waterfalls in Chhattisgarh and water flows from this waterfall all year round you can see the falls from July to February.

 The road to the waterfall is accessible and you can also go with your family by car and other.

Satdhara waterfall
Satdhara waterfall

 Distance of Saatdhara Waterfall From Barsur

 The SaatDhara waterfall is  8 km from barsur.

Distance of saatdhara from Jagdalpur

The saatdhara waterfall is 68 km from Jagdalpur.



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