Sakal Narayan’s cave

The statue of Shri Krishna is  in the mountain. Apart from Chhattisgarh, a large number of devotees also come here from Maharashtra and Telangana.

Sakal Narayan Cave Where many secrets of Ramayana and Mahabharata period are hidden

There are hundreds of beehives around the cave.

The priests and villagers of the villages around the hill make complete arrangements for this darshan.
 The statue of Shri Krishna is inside the cave on the hill of Sakalnarayan, ten km away from the tehsil headquarters.

On the day of Gudi Parva, a large number of devotees come and worship Lord Krishna.

There are many tunnels inside the cave.

God is present in these tunnels.

There is a ten meter tunnel, where the statues of Gopikas .

Devotees return here also on their knees after having darshan.

There is a cave in a hill hidden in a dense forest, eight km from Rudraram National Highway.

There is no road to reach the cave.

On the day of Hindu New Year, the organizing committee clears the footpath from the forests and only then the devotees come for darshan. Since the forest is dangerous, there is a danger of wild animals; no one goes here during the rest of the day.

There is darkness inside the cave. Devotees bring torches to go inside. The path is narrow and small. Devotees enter inside on their knees. There are hundreds of beehives around the cave. The priests and villagers of the villages around the hill make complete arrangements for this darshan.

The program is by the committee for five days and the marriage of Lord Krishna with Radha is also there.

Both the idols are married to each other.

There is so much devotion to Shri Krishna that thousands of devotees come here for darshan.


Mekal Dodd is inside the cave

Inside the cave, it is like a stable for animals.

This is Mekal Doddi.

It is said that goat manure is stored in this Doddi, which is brought little by little by the devotees who go for darshan.

This fertilizer never ends.

It is not that any goats live here.

Old elders say that it is a miracle of Lord Krishna that manure accumulates here like this.


Location of Sakal Narayan’s cave

Sakal Narayan’s cave is on the hills at a distance of about 5 kilometers from Poshanapalli Gram Panchayat in Bhopalpatnam block, about 30 kilometers from the Bijapur district headquarters of Chhattisgarh, where the idol of Shri Krishna is present.

Festival in Sakal Narayan’s cave

Every year the fair starts three days before Chaitra Krishna Paksha Amavasya and ends on the day of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Navratri Rambha Gudi Padwa. To visit the cave, the visitors start climbing Govardhan Mountain after taking bath in Chintavagu river.

Ceremony at the fair

Mandapachadhaan on the first day.
On the second day, worship and flag hoisting on Govardhan mountain.
On the third day, after the bath and worship of Lord Krishna, folk dance and bhajan-sankirtan take place.
The marriage ritual of Shri Krishna is on the fourth day.
The fair concludes with the Rath Yatra on the last day. The Matti family has the status of priest.


height of Sakal Narayan’s cave

The height of the mountain is about one thousand meters. Due to the narrow road one has to cover a distance of three-four kilometres.


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