Samundai waterfall A wonderful view of natural beauty is visible from the waterfall.

Also, people come here from far and wide to have a picnic and a room-like cave has been made by carving a big rock at the spot.

Samundai waterfall

Tourist Place everyone wants to go to a new place with family and friends.

Even today, in the lap of nature, there are many waterfalls and picnic spots that are beyond the reach of people.

Many people do not even know about it, hence they are not able to reach such places.

One such waterfall is located in the Koriya district, the name is Samundai Waterfall.

Situated amidst natural beauty, this waterfall is attracting people.

Here the waterfall falls from a great height.

Besides, a cave of the Ramayana period is also present here.

People who have information about it reach out here.

If the administration pays a little attention to this place, it can come on the tourism map.

Samundai waterfall 20 km away from the district headquarters

Amritdhara and Ramdaha waterfalls in Koriya and Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur districts are on the tourism map but Samundai waterfall is still out of reach of the people.

Samundai Waterfall is on the Gej River amidst the forest, just 20 kilometers from the district headquarters.

Strengthening the access road can create an excellent picnic spot.

Ramayana Cave is also present Samundai waterfall

A historical cave of the Ramayana period is also present in Samundai.

According to the elders, Lord Shri Ram, Sita, and Lakshman stayed in the Samundai area during their exile.

A room-like cave has been carved out of a large rock at the spot.

Lord Shiva is worshiped in the cave, where nearby villagers come.

Amazing view from the waterfall

An excellent view of natural beauty is visible from the place of Samundai. Baikunthpur city along with the gauge reservoir is also visible.

How to reach

To reach Samundai Falls, there is a Kutcha road from the village Katgodi of Sonhat development block, next to Paharpara Primary School. One can easily reach this place on a two-wheeler.

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