Satrenga is About 38 kms from Korba And approximately 126 kms from Bilaspur.

This lake is at Satrenga village some distance away from Bango Reservoir.

that’s with the aid of using lovely mountains.

So, People come from some distance and extensive to experience this lake.

On attaining right here, first of all, you may see a lovely view of Mahadev mountain from a distance.

that’s a scenic spot in this region.

 Additionally this herbal splendor, other than this, you may additionally see a 1400-yr-vintage Sal tree (Soreya) right here.

The Robasta is 500 meters from the township of Satrenga village.

Meeting held in Satrenga 2020

So, To broaden this lovely picnic spot of Satrenga.

the assembly held right here with the aid of using the Government of Chhattisgarh in February 2020.

The creation of lovely gardens, relaxation houses, water sports activities, and ticketing preparations have been additionally right here.

A canteen place has additionally right here.

in which you may get to look at and consume numerous meal items.

These stores are run with the aid of using women`s groups.

with the intention to get a terrific excursion to enjoy for paintings and tourists.

Formation of Hasdev Cruise and Adventure Sports Society in Satrenga

Continuous efforts are being made with the aid of using the Government of Chhattisgarh to sell tourism withinside the country. For the primary time withinside the country of Chhattisgarh, the primary Hasdeo Cruise and Adventure Sports Society ‘Korba’ has been shaped withinside the district.

the intention of nearby improvement together with selling water tourism and imparting employment possibilities to the nearby citizens.

concerned with huge dams

Bango Dam is built throughout the Hasdeo River in the Korba district of Chhattisgarh.

This is the largest and primary multi-reason water task withinside the country of Chhattisgarh.

This dam is one of the most important dams in imperative India.

Surrounded with the aid of using hills, this dam has many small islands withinside the middle, which upload to its splendor. One of these small islands is Satrenga.

Tourists get many facilities

In this series, nearby citizens of Satrenga are given schooling associated with using and protecting strength motorboats.

Tourism sports together with boating, velocity boating, floating restaurant, outdoor auditorium, inn, etc. began out right here.

To entice tourists, cruises, the creation of floating cottages in addition to different journeys and water sports activities sports have additionally been beginning out right here.

floating bridge

The district headquarters is being evolved as a journey and water tourism destination.

A bridge floating in the water is available in the dam of Satrenga.

Walking via this bridge, one reaches the hills. It is a completely lovely and captivating region.

Rest House at Satrenga

Although the group of the tour right here is simplest for picnic or boating, nature tenting with their own circle of relatives and friends.

however after relaxation residence is available, and tourists live right here.

They live in nature and spend time with their own circle of relatives.

Other locations to go to in Satrenga

There are a few different visitor locations close to the picnic spot.

Like Devpahari Falls, Hasdeo-Bango Dam, Buka Jal-Vihar, and Golden Island.

What is the strong point of Satranga?

The forest area place of ​​Satrenga additionally has numerous sorts of area drug treatments which use as herbal treatments and drug treatments.

There is likewise a 1400 yr vintage massive sal tree in this village.

The Mahadev mountain right here is with the aid of using seeing the herbal splendor.

There is likewise the well-known Devpahari waterfall close to Satrenga.

There also are many archaeological history sites on this enclosure, amongst which rock artwork are prominent.

Best time to visit Satrenga 

The best time to go here would be from July to January-February.

There is more water here at this time.


Chhattisgarh Tourism Department has made arrangements for accommodation in resorts and clubs for tourists coming from other states or staying here. 

Parking in Mini Goa Satrenga

Satrenga Picnic Spot Chhattisgarh Tourism Department charges parking fees for vehicles as follows-

Motorcycle – Rs. 10/-
Auto – Rs.20/-
Pickup- Rs. 50/-
Car- Rs. 30
Bus & Truck – Rs. 100/-


Distance  of Satrenga from Korba

Korba is 34 km from Satrenga.

Distance  of Satrenga from Raipur

Raipur is 249 km from Satrenga.

Distance  of Satrenga from Ambikapur

Ambikapur is 165 km from this spot

Distance  of Satrenga from Katghora

Katghora is almost 50km

Distance  of Satrenga from Bilaspur

Bilaspur  is 115 km 

Distance  of Satrenga from Raigarh

Raigarh is 143 km from this spot 

Distance  of Satrenga from jangir-Champa

Jangir -Champa is 90 km

How To Reach Satrenga

By Road 

So, You will effortlessly get a street to attain Satrenga, which you may attain via your vehicles.

It is 38 km from the Korba and approximately 126 km from the Bilaspur.

Rail route 

The nearest railway station is Korba station which is forty kilometers away.

Bilaspur railway station is one hundred thirty kilometers away.

By Air 

Swami Vivekananda Airport is 2 hundred km from Raipur and Bilasa Devi Kewat Airport is one hundred thirty km from Bilaspur.

Nearby Place In Tourist Spot


Buka Reservoir

Buka Reservoir is situated at a distance of 70 km from here. People come from far and wide to see it during the rainy season.

Rani Waterfall 

Located between three mountains, you can reach this beautiful waterfall after trekking for about 3-4 kilometers. Whose distance is only 17 km from here.

Devapahari Falls 

This waterfall, famous for tourists, is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Mini Goa.

Bango Dam 

Satrenga picnic spot is located at the other end of this dam.

Kendai Waterfall 

Very beautiful waterfalls are located at a distance of 75 km from here.

Kosgai Dai Temple

Kosgai Mata Temple is located in the mountain. Getting a wonderful pleasure from going there is inherent for the mountain lover. Whose distance will be around 32 km.


If you love the splendor of nature.

If you also want to visit the jungles, mountains, and lakes, then right here you may get to look at the jungles, mountains, and lakes.

You also can make a picnic together in your own circle.

Lastly, experience the swings and boats withinside the lawn made right here.

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