Sedum waterfall

There is a village named Sedam at a distance of 45 km from Ambikapur.

It is on the Ambikapur-Raigarh road. 

A beautiful waterfall flows between the hills at a distance of two kilometers in its south direction.

Sedum Waterfall height is 25 to 30 feet. Which falls from this height to make beautiful waterfalls.

A water tank is built at the falling place of this waterfall. 

There is also a Shiva temple here.

A fair is held in Sedam village on Shivratri. 

This waterfall is also known as Ram Jharna.

Tourist comes throughout the year.

you can prefer a bike or any 2-wheeler to reach easily.

Best picnic spot for the family.

A watchtower is also a near the waterfall.


Distance of Sedum waterfall

Ambikapur is 45 km away from Ambikapur on Raigad road

Precaution should be taken 

 There are bees in this place. Stay away from them.

No smoking around the waterfall.

cooking near the waterfall is not allowed.

A holy place near the waterfall where people should avoid wearing red and yellow clothes.

Women are not allowed there.

Prefer a local guide.

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