The Shadani Darbar temple in the middle surrounded by a wide boundary wall of about 12 acres is grand and artistic. 

This temple was in 1990 by Govindraj Ji Maharaj, the eighth saint of the Sindhu sect, under his supervision. 

The idols of sages and sages of the Vedic period are in small temples all around this Darbar shrine.

There are grand and beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Mother Durga on both sides of the main temple.

Shadani Darbar

Tulsi Sarovar is also here as a blessing of Saint Tulsidas.

Very artistic glass carvings have been done on the inner walls of the main temple.

Here the idols of 24 incarnations including various deities are installed on the right and left sides along with the brief glory of the Shadani saint.

Chhattisgarh Sant Sadani Shadaram Shadari Darbar) Holy and sorrow-relieving Dhuni Sahib is in the sanctum sanctorum of the court.

There is a belief in relation to this that any devotee who consumes its holy Dhuni (Bhabhoot) and Amrit (Jal) with full devotion and love, all his sorrows and pains will be spontaneously absolved. 

Due to beliefs, thousands of devotees and devotees gather in this Shadani court and not only from the country but also from the neighboring country Pakistan (Sindh), every year in the month of July, the birth anniversary of the fifth saint Mata Hasidevi and the eighth saint Govindram on October 25. 


A fair is in Shadani Darbar every month on the fourteenth day of Shukla Paksha. 

Here thousands of devotees take Bhandara after getting the benefit of Satsang and darshan. 

This is the reason why the Shadani Darbar located in Mana in Raipur is a place of pilgrimage. 

This Shadani court is also given the status of Shadani Nagar. 

Shadani Darbar pilgrimage site of the religious identity of the state of Chhattisgarh

Location of Shadani Darbar

8 km from Darbar Raipur.

 near Mana on Durraipur-Jagdalpur National Highway. 

How to reach Shadani Darbar

Shadani Darbar can be easily from the capital Raipur by private vehicle, city bus, taxi, etc. This route has a 24-hour commuting facility. 

 History of Sadani Darbar

Sant Shadaram Ji Maharaj was born in 1708 in the house of a Lohana Khatri in Lahore city of Punjab. 

 He is in devotion to God in his childhood itself. 

With his supernatural power, he used to promote public welfare, charity work, and the name of Ram.

 It is said that Saint Maharaj ji after preaching religion in Lahore, Sultan reached Pashupatinath Temple, Haridwar, Delhi, Kurukshetra, Panipat Pushkar Raj Tirth.

So, and reached the historical city of Mathelo (Sindh) in 1768 via Rajasthan. 

They came and stopped at the same Shiva temple where devotees used to pray to get rid of the oppression of their cruel ruler Ghulam Shah Kalhoda. 

The environment there became full of happiness, peace, and virtue due to Saint Maharaj ji doing penance there and propagating devotion to God.


Chhattisgarh Sant Sadani Shadaram Shadari Darbar) Unity and courage increased among Hindus and Muslims, as a result, the rule of the tyrannical ruler Ghulam Shah came to an end. 

Both Hindus and Muslims impress by his work and mutual harmony, love, and brotherhood in both.

 Saint Shadaram ji started being called Shiva Avatari.

 Engaged in the work of Karma and public welfare. 

Before leaving for the hereafter, he blessed his most beloved disciple Shri Tulsidas ji (second saint) that as long as the earth exists, this place (Hayat Pitafi) will remain immortal and permanent. 

Whoever applies dhuni on his head with devotion at the time of any pain or illness and drinks it after mixing it with water, then his pain and diseases will go away from him. 

It is that the blessings of Sant Shadaram Ji Maharaj continue even today.


The list of saints is in this way

(1703-1799), 3rd-Sant Takhatlal Ji,

Hazuri Sahib, 4th-Sant Tansukhram Sahib (1804-1852),

5th-Sant Mata Hasi Devi Sahib,

6th-Sant Mangalaram Sahib (1885-1932),

7th-Sant Rajaram Sahib (1882) –1960),

Eighth-Sant Govindram Sahib,

Ninth-Sant Yudhishthir Lal Sahib, who is currently sitting.

Eighth Saint Govindram Ji Maharaj 



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