Shail Vansh- History of Chhattisgarh

Reign of Shail Vansh

7th – 8th


Shrivardhan (shrivardhan)


Maharajadhiraj and Parmeshwar Shail / Shail dynasty ruled Chhattisgarh (then South Kosala) and some parts of Madhya Pradesh. Not much information is available regarding their governance system.


Shri Vardhan, Prithvi Vardhan, Jaya Vardhan I, Shri Vardhan II, Jaya Vardhan II. Information related to Shail State located in Mahakaushal area has been received from Radhauli (Madhya Pradesh – Balaghat District) copper plate. Its first king (founder) was Shrivardhan and the last king was Jayavardhan. The Radhauli copper plate was engraved by Jayavardhana. The influence of this dynasty conquered northern Bengal and Kashi. Jayavardhan I had conquered Vindhya Pradesh. He ruled some areas of Chhattisgarh in place of Sharabhpuri dynasty. He is considered to be Surya Vanshi because he built the Sun Temple.

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