Shitala Mai Sihaava Dhamtari Shitala Mata is a famous Hindu goddess. 

It is the near the origin of Mahanadi.

The local people are much devoted to Mata.

They have been highly recognized since ancient times. 

A very ancient temple of Maa Sheetla is in Sihawa city of Chhattisgarh.

Temple is in a full dense forest.


Shitala Mai Sihaava Dhamtari

In Skanda Purana, the vehicle of Sheetla Devi has been described as Gardabh.

 She holds Kalash, soup, Marjan (broom), and neem leaves in her hands. 

She has been described as the goddess of many diseases like smallpox. 

These things have symbolic importance. A smallpox patient takes off his clothes in anxiety. The patient is aerated with the so-up, and the boils of smallpox burst with the broom. 

Neem leaves do not allow the boils to rot. 

The patient likes cold water, hence the importance of Kalash. 

The stains of smallpox disappear by coating the lind of the throat. 

In Sheetla-temples, Mata Sheetla is often shown sitting on the neck only. 

In Skanda Purana, the hymn of his worship is found in the form of Sheetalashtak.

 It is believed that this source was created by Lord Shankar in the public interest.

Sheetalashtak sings the glory of Sheetla Devi, as well as inspires the devotees to worship her.

This mantra has been described in the scriptures for the worship of Goddess Sheetla.

Distance of Shitala Mai Sihaava from Raipur


Distance of Shitala Mai Sihaava from dhamtari

7o km

Distance of Shitala Mai Sihaava from Kanker

55 km

Best time to visit 

Navratri is the best time to visit there.

During Magh Purnima a grand fair is there.

So, visitors prefer to visit that time to enjoy the fair.


So, must visit Sihaava to get closure to religious places.

And also enjoy a great time with your near and dear ones.

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