Ancient Shiva Temple Chandkhuri, Raipur

Chandkhuri is known as Mother Kaushalya and the Birthplace of Mata Kaushalya.

Also, the ancient Shiva temple is present in the village of Chandkhuri.
It is also known as Chhamashi Temple.

Shiva Temple Chandkhuri

ChhaMashi Shiva Temple of Chandkuri Raipur is About half a kilometer from Mata Kausilya Temple.
At that distance, crossing the narrow roads on the left bank of Chandkhuri village, reach Patel Para where this Shiv temple is located

According to the Archeology Department, this temple was constructed in approximately the 10th and 11th century AD.
It was built by the Kalchuri kings between 10th and 11th century AD.
The ornate gate arch of this temple is similar to that of another destroyed Somavanshi temple (period 8th century).
century AD).

Shiv Mandir Chandkhuri

The idols of Ganga and Yamuna river goddesses are carved on the door branches of the temple.
However, beautifully carved stones are awesome.

Gajalakshmi is seated in a frontal image on the headrest.

The Shiv temple also has some phases of Ramayan.

On one side Bali –Sugriva’s wrestling match and Tara mourning with dead Bali’s head on her lap.

A pathetic scene is also here.

Fragmentary statues are nearby.

There is no statue of any kind to be seen in the sanctum sanctorum, which is surprising in itself.

This is a Pachrath temple built in Nagara style.

It does not even have a pavilion.

Some fragmented statues are kept in the temple premises.

But, Some idols have also been kept under the tree in front.

some fragmented ancient idols can be seen in the square intersections of this village.

But, possibly they seem to be the remains of the Ishi temple.

So, they may have been kept by the villagers in their square intersections for their faith. kept on


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