Shivarinarayan Temple is a historical pilgrimage site in Chhattisgarh.

Basically, That’s with the Ramayana duration.

Above all Many secrets and techniques of the Ramayana, duration is hidden in this region.

Which is likewise known as Purshottam Teerth, and Jagannath Puri of Chhattisgarh for the reason that time immemorial.

Shivarinarayan Temple

Although, This pilgrimage is from Gupta Prayag.

Whose repute has unfold a long way and wide.

However, worshiped as Sabrinarayan Dham.

Afterward Temple is on Triveni Sangam, its significance will increase even more.

Saints also take a royal bath in it for the duration of the fair.

Every day, Ganga Aarti is also at this Triveni Sangam with one hundred and one lamps light with lamps.

According to historic facts, for the duration of the exile of Lord Rama, in this Dandakar region.

As, Mata Shabari met.

wherein Lord Rama well-known Shabri`s Jujube Plum with love.

As a result, This place become Shabari-Narayan to Shivrinarayan.


Devotee Mata Shabari’s father was Raja Shabar.

The powerful king of this region.

Mother Shabri devotee of Vishnu by birth.

King Shabar also desired to get Shabari married.

But Shabri no longer wants to get married.

Due to this at some point, she leaves her residence and is going out in the direction of the woodland on the lookout for God.

In the one’s days, she reaches close to a lake named Pampa.

Where she sees an ashram.

That ashram of Matang Muni.

Mata Shabri went to that ashram.

Matang seeks shelter from the sage.

The sage, understanding his divine imagination and prescient as a devotee of Vishnu, offers him safe haven from his ashram.

The sage made Shabari his disciple and commenced giving initiation.

and paved the manner for the direction of devotion.

The repute of the Gurukul of Matang Rishi is a long way and wide.

Shabri Mata Temple Kharaud

When Lord Shri Ram is in Chitrakoot for the duration of the exile duration.

At the equal time, the sage Matang gave up his frame.

But, after the loss of life, all of the responsibility of the ashram exceeded over to Shabari.

 Shabari is also a brilliant, scholar, and Acharya on foot at the Vaishnava devotion.

The sage, even tells Shabari after the loss of life, saying that the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in human life, took place in Ayodhya as Shri Ram, the son of Dasharatha.

During his exile, Shri ram may come to this ashram, you may serve him with super devotion.

Your welfare and salvation and people remember ashram for ages.

Saying this sage gave of life.

Accordingly to the orders of the Guru, Shabari runs this ashram.

And each day she used to observe the approaching of the Lord.

Also, decorate the ashram with flowers.

And used to set up sweats for the offering.

Many years had surpassed even doing this.

Mother grew older day with the aid of using day.

However, she believed what the Guru had said.

So, at some point, God will clearly come to this ashram.

After many years, subsequently, the time has come.

Lord Rama, wandering from woodland to woodland on the lookout for Mata Sita.

involves Mata Shabri’s ashram withinside the shape of an everyday human.

Seeing the Lord in front of him, Shabari receives overwhelmed.

They do now no longer accept as true with their vintage eyes that the Lord is status earlier than them.

Mata Shabri the best ascetic.

Lotus Feet of Lord Rama

Recognizes the Lord by Shakti.

And she falls on his feet and receives wrapped.

The tears also begin to of evolved and flow.

This compassionate love of Mother God.

Mata Shabri makes Lord Rama take a seat down in a high seat.

In the pleasure of the approaching of the Lord, Shabari loses her purity.

And it begins offevolved to welcome the Lord. God should be hungry, she also brings fruits to feed.

Then unexpectedly she thinks that this berry isn’t always sour and is able to pick out the best and sweat berries,

after tasting the berry, she feeds the berry to the Lord.

together along with her hands.

The Lord turns engrossed in receiving fruit by honest love, and tears begin pouring out of his eyes.

The fine instance of affection and devotion is taken into consideration to be this episode of Shabri.

Lord Rama bestows Navadha (a new form of devotional direction) to Sabari as a blessing to the mom, this new form of devotion paves the manner to salvation. Shabari receives blessed on getting this knowledge.

While leaving the ashram, Lord Shri Ram asks Shabari about Sita Ji.

Then Sabri asks Shri Ram to visit Pampa Sarovar.

Where Sugriva will assist the seek of Sita.

after falling on the feet of God and bowing once more and once more, she leaves her frame on the door of the yoga fire.

Ram offers them the closing speed.

This region is known as the Karma Bhoomi of Mata Shabri.

Due to this the significance of Shivrinarayan Dham will increase further.

Even nowadays humans of the Sharwar or Shabar tribe stay in Chhattisgarh.

Those who remember Mata Shabari as their descendant. and worship him.

Due to this belief, many temples were constructed in this region.

Following are the primary temples of Shivarinarayan.

Nar Narayan Temple Sheorinarayan

Built withinside the twelfth century AD.

this historical temple changed construction with the aid of using King Shabar.

There is a pool in this temple Which is Rohani Kund that’s above ground.

In which water is usually up.

 the feet of Lord Rama are immersed in it.

This water is Akshay Jal.

The mere sight of this divine shape of God results in salvation.

The temple is pretty grand.

The summit of the temple could be very excessive.

Fine carvings were withinside the temple.

A historical statue of Lord Laxminarayan changed into located at the left aspect of the temple’s pavilion, has been observed with the aid of using excavation.

A diffused depiction of the Dashavatar of Vishnu has been


Keshav Narayan Temple

Built withinside the 12th century.

this temple is also simply contrary to the Nar Narayan temple.

In the sanctum sanctorum, there is also a grand statue of Lord Vishnu.

The lady who’s depicted close to the toes of the Lord.

It is the idol of the devotee Mata Shabari.

Chandrachud Mahadev Temple

Near Shree Nar Narayan Temple there may be a historic temple of Shiva, that’s known as Chandrachud Mahadev.

There are many idols in this temple.

Along with this, Kalchuri carpet inscription has additionally been found.
There is a footprint of the Lord withinside the courtyard of the temple.

And there may be a historic well.

Some temples are becoming cramped because of the loss of maintenance.

The location across the temple has to turn out to be a sufferer of encroachment.


Jagannath Temple Shivrinarayan

This temple changed into constructed in the yr 1927.

some steps far from the principal temple, just like the Jagannath temple of Puri.

Here the Rath Yatra is widely known with terrific gaiety.

Devotees come from a long way and extensive to drag the chariot of God.

It is assumed to be the unique dwelling house of Lord Jagannath.

Unique tree Shivarinarayan withinside the temple courtyard

Vat tree Shivnarayan

The strong point of this banyan tree is that the leaves it has are of comparable form to both.

According to famous belief, Mata Sabri had made a dona with the aid of using breaking the leaves of this tree and fed “
(plum fruit”) to Lord Rama.

Since then the leaves of this tree are like dona.

Basically, Such a tree will now no longer be visible everywhere else withinside the entire world.

People worship this tree with respect and sense the revel in Mata Shabri being in their midst.

This tree is also Krishnavat, Makhan Katori tree.

In a temple subsequent to the tree, Guruvo`s foot paduka kept.

Devotees also worship it.

On the temple premises, a statue of Mata Shabri feeding plums to the Lord is also there.

At a distance of three km from Shivrinarayan, there may be a temple of Shabri Mata in the village of Kharaud.

This temple is like the Lakshman temple of Sirpur.

that’s an included temple with the aid of using the state government.

This is wherein Laxmaneshwar Mahadev Temple.

Also, there may be a temple of Indra Dev.

Grand Fair of Shivarinarayan

Every year a grand fair is also at the temple premises on Mahashivratri and Magha Purnima.

However, wherein lakhs of people gather.

It is also the Maghi fair of Chhattisgarh.

How To Reach

Its distance from the capital Raipur is 178 km.

And its distance from Bilaspur is 60 km.

 Motor buses additionally ply from close by cities.

More about Shivarinarayan Temple

There are many Dharamshalas to stay in Shabri Narayan.

And every day Bhandara goes on.

Gaushala runs with the aid of using this temple committee.

There is a temple of Hanuman Ji a ways from Shabri Narayan.

That region is Janakpur.

Across the river, there may be a banyan tree that’s Vishram Vat (Vidhauri).

The footpads of the Lord are below this tree.

This is wherein Lord Rama rested, after that he entered this ashram.

Places nearby Shivarinarayan Temple


Ratanpur, situated about 25 kilometers from Shivarinarayan Temple, is known for the Mahamaya Temple. It’s a significant pilgrimage site dedicated to the goddess Mahamaya and attracts devotees from various parts of India.


 Bilaspur, the second-largest city in Chhattisgarh, is located about 75 kilometers from Shivarinarayan. It offers a mix of historical, cultural, and natural attractions. Some places to visit in Bilaspur include the Bilasa Taal, Kutaghat Dam, and the Belpan Reserve Forest.


 Janjgir is around 80 kilometers away from Shivarinarayan and is known for its historical and cultural significance. The Vishnu Temple, Chandrahasini Temple, and Kaleshwarnath Temple are some notable attractions here.


 Sirpur, located approximately 100 kilometers from Shivarinarayan, is an ancient archaeological site with a rich history. It’s famous for its Buddhist and Hindu temples, including the Laxman Temple and Gandheswar Temple.


 Amarkantak, often referred to as the “King of Pilgrimages,” is about 180 kilometers from Shivarinarayan. It’s a sacred town where the Narmada River originates. Apart from the religious significance, it offers beautiful landscapes and is known for the Kapil Dhara and Dugdha Dhara waterfalls.

Chitrakote Waterfalls

 Chitrakote Waterfalls, often called the “Niagara Falls of India,” is around 200 kilometers from Shivarinarayan. It’s one of the largest waterfalls in India and a breathtaking natural wonder.


 Tala, located about 130 kilometers from Shivarinarayan, is known for the Bambleshwari Temple, which is perched on a hilltop and offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


 Kawardha, approximately 170 kilometers from Shivarinarayan, is known for the Kawardha Palace, a beautiful royal residence that showcases the architecture and lifestyle of the erstwhile royals.

Kanha National Park: If you’re interested in wildlife and nature, Kanha National Park is about 230 kilometers from Shivarinarayan. It’s one of India’s premier tiger reserves and offers excellent opportunities for wildlife safaris.


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