The Shree Ram Mandir is in the city of Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

The temple is of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.

The temple was built in the year 2017.

This temple is one of the most beautiful places in Raipur.

The idols of Shri Ram, Mata Sita, and Lakshman Ji are in the main temple.

Gardens and fountains are around the temple and colorful lights at night add shine to the temple.

Darshan Timings in Shree Ram Mandir

7:30 AM

Closing Timing in Shree Ram Mandir

10:00 PM


Photography and Videography in Shree Ram Mandir


Puja in Shree Ram Mandir

Today we are telling you about such a place in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.

This temple is the grand temple of Raipur.

Anna Prasadam

People of every religion are taking advantage of this service in this temple.

Shri Ram Mandir is located in Airport Road, Raipur – Anna Prasadam (Food Prasad).

There is excellent arrangement for food here from 10:30 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon.

Roti, pulses, vegetables, rice and pickles are available in the food.

The food is so delicious.

And instead of this full meal, only Rs 20 is taken as Dakshina by the temple trust.

Along with the dining hall for food, there is also facility of water cooler, wash basin and wash room.

Shri Ram Mandir Anna Prasadam is no less than a boon for those people who due to some reason are unable to eat morning/lunch or make arrangements to eat it.

Anna Prasadam provides food to people of every religion, caste and class without any discrimination.

From rickshaw pullers to office workers and big businessmen come here to eat food.

People from every section of the society eat together under one roof.

Anna Prasadam is run by the Trust of Shri Ram Mandir Raipur.

Those who eat here feel a spiritual feeling in the food.

This food prepared in the presence of the idol of Lord Shri Ram awakens an inner strength in the people.

Feelings of satisfaction, faith, devotion and social welfare begin to arise in the mind.

The whole world seems like one family.

Hence the statement ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ automatically becomes true.

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