Siddha Baba Temple Mahasamund

The hill is in the Siddha Baba temple.

Siddha Baba is in the village Kosrangi on Mahasamund to Bagbahra road.

Its distance from Mahasamund is just 10 km.

According to the villagers, the temple is about 150 to 200 years old.

The temple is on a high hill.

This place is a center of attraction for nature lovers.

It is best place for photography.

One of tourist and picnic spot in Mahasamund.

Siddha Baba Temple Village Kosrangi

A temple of Richchin Mata is also here Siddha Baba temple.

There is an underground statue of Baba in the temple and a temple of Richchin Mai is also established where the lamp is lit during Navratri.

Jas geet is also sung by local women.

Many construction works are currently going on in the temple.

Stairs are not well in condition.

So be carefull while visiting hills.

Two rooms are here for perparing parasd.

Jyoti room is there.

Closely one hanuman mandir is also there.

About 01 km from here.

There is also a temple of Swapna Devi Mahamaya ji at the bottom of the hill, here also special events are organized during Navratri.

Siddha Baba Temple Kosrangi Mahasamund

Every year a fair is organized in Siddha Baba temple on the full moon day of Ashwin month in which a large number of devotees are present here.


Parking is also available.

Distance from Raipur to Siddha Baba Temple Kosrangi Mahasamund

65 km

Distance from Mahasamund to Siddha Baba Temple Kosrangi

9 km

How to reach

So, the temple is 9 km from the Mahasamund which is on NH 353.

Khallari Mata Temple at Bhimkhoj is only 13 km from here.

It is far away, hence whenever you come for the darshan of Khallari Mata and Chandi Mata at Bagbahra, then definitely visit Siddha Baba.

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