Sitamarhi Chataora comes under the Ram  van path gaman.

It is the third stay where Lord Ram, Laxman, and Mata Sita were during the exile period.

Here is a cave with two-room.

So, one is for Lord Ram and Sita and another is for Laxman.

Laxman ji guard Lord Ram and Sita.

There is also a Shiv Linga.

It is also in the Koriya district.

Chataora ashram is the center of knowledge at that time.

Sitamarhi Chataora comes under the Guru ghasidas national park.

It is fully covered with dense forest.

Temple is made by cutting Rock.

Neul River flows close through the temple.

So, the visitor comes to the national park once visit this place.

Sitamarhi Chataora
peepal tree
Sitamarhi Chataora
idol of the temple

To see  Chataora and a big peepal tree. 

The wall of the temple is cracky.

Local people come daily for pooja and aarti.

There is Charan Paduka of Lord Ram.

There is a big room where Bat lives.

Distance of Sitamarhi Chataora from Kathdol

Approx 10km 

Distance of Sitamarhi Chataora from Janakpur

50 km

Distance of  Chataora from Baikunthpur

180 km


Government should take action to improve the condition of this place.

So, the history of the temple can pass to the next generation.



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