Sitamarhi Ghagra is  Shri Ram Van Gaman Marg Path in Chhattisgarh, an important archaeological site in Gagra village in the Korean region.

 there is an important archaeological site of Sitamarhi in Gagra village, Chhattisgarh region, South Korea. 

Sitamarhi is an archaeological as well as natural site.

Guru ghasidas national park is near the site.

birds chipping and rivers make your peace.



 about 2 km from Ghagra village of Sitamarhi. 

Distance from Baikunthpur to Sitamarhi Ghagra


Distance from Janakpur to Sitamarhi Ghagra

20 km

Distance from Sitamarhi harchoka to Sitamarhi Ghagra


Sitamarhi Ghagra

It is on the banks of the Rampa River. 

Lord ram pray to Lord Shiva here.

A river always flows through the temple.



Natural caves

Sitamarhi ghagra
Sitamarhi ghagra

 There are 3  natural caves here with Shivlings in 3 rooms. 

three rooms are for Lord Ram, mata Sita, and for Laxman Ji.

The ruins of Sitamarha’s natural caves were converted into carved chambers. 

Villagers know him as Sitamarhi. 

The middle room of the cave.

There is a hole where a snake lives.

A charanpaduka of lord Ram is also there.

Sitamarhi is a structure similar to the sanctuary of the saints in the center of the cave where a bypass has been built. 

the Cave where the Shivling is in the right room of the Sitamarhi Cave. 

In the main room of the cave, there are signs of Shaiva gatekeepers on both walls of the main room of the Sitamarhi cave.

 There are entrance doors on three sides. 

this is a rural faith center and fairs are going here on special holidays. 

Mandap Cave

The knowledge structure in the form of a rock-cut cave pavilion was probably built during the Kalachuri period at Tripuri.

stairs are also available.

the proper road is available. 

But only local people  know about its history and importance.

As it is a hidden place state government is making this place a tourist destination under Ram path gaman.


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