Siyadevi Waterfall remains a center of attraction for people all year round. 

However, in summer, the waterfall dries up many times due to the lack of water. 

However, tourists are mesmerized by the large rocks where the waterfall is located. 

They can easily guess what the scene will be like when the waterfall is flowing. 

There is a small cave next to the waterfall where people cross the cave.

 When the waterfall moves,  people passing through the cave at that time get a sense of wonder as soon as they come out of the cave. People stare at this 50-foot-tall waterfall for hours. 

Waterfalls gushing from forests and mountains will enchant you.  

The beauty of  Siyadevi Waterfall is even more remarkable during the rainy season. 

 On the hill of Nara village, 25 km from Sakra village on the Balod-Gurur road, is the Siya Devi Mata temple.

  A motherly great figure will create a religious atmosphere within you. 

Along with this, you will be fascinated by waterfalls escaping from forests and mountains.

 The waterfall is the confluence of Jholbahar and Tum Nala. 

People stare at this 50-foot-tall waterfall for hours. 

  Hundreds of tourists visit here every day.

 Now the sound of the waterfall can be heard in the distance. 

Because of this, as soon as tourists get out of the car, they hear the sound of the waterfall and run towards the Siya Devi Temple. 

 One of the many tourist attractions in the area, Siya Devi Temple is visited by devotees all year round. 


 Siyadevi Temple near Siyadevi Waterfall

It is located on a mountain in the town of Nara. 

Arun Sahu of the Siya Devi Temple Foundation and Bhishma Pitamah Sahu, a  Nara villager, said that the Siya Devi temple is surrounded by the natural beauty of the hills of Nara village, 25 km from Sakra village along the Balod Gurur main road. 

This is a religious tourist destination. 

Siyadevi Temple is a unique fusion of power and beauty. 

 It is a very beautiful place surrounded by forests, mountains, and waterfalls. 

During the rainy season, the beauty of the Devi Temple is even more remarkable. 

Here the  Jholbahara and Tum Nala rivers confluence. 

These water streams fall in the form of natural springs. 

This waterfall is 50 feet high. 

Tourists who come here enjoy this waterfall.

This is one of the places, where Ram, Laxman, and Sita lived during their exile in Dandaranya.

Siyadevi temple is a historical tourist place in Balod, Chhattisgarh.

 SiyaDevi Temple is in Balod district of Chhattisgarh. 

The temple is very old and there is a Natural waterfall. It has been told that Lord Rama visited this place during his exile along with Laxman & Sita.

The waterfall nearby attracts many tourists which enhances its importance among the pilgrims of India.

It’s one of the best tourist destinations in Chattisgarh.

History of Siyadevi temple

Surrounded by natural beauty, the Siyadevi temple on Naragaon hill is 25 km from Sankara village in the Balod district of Chhattisgarh.

Siyadevi Temple is a unique fusion of power and beauty.

It is a very beautiful place with  forests, mountains, and waterfalls.

The beauty of Siyadevi Temple is even more remarkable during the rainy season.

From here, following the confluence of Jholbahar and Tumnal, this stream cascades down in the form of a natural waterfall.

This waterfall is 50 feet high.

Tourists visiting this place take full advantage of this waterfall.

According to people’s beliefs, in ancient times this place belonged to the Dandakaranya district.

 Lord Rama and Lakshmana are here during exile to find Goddess Sita, who was kidnapped by Ravana.

There are also footprints of Mata Sita.

There is another belief that the goddess’s chariot, the tiger, came at night to protect its Mata.

It is also the meditation place of Maharishi Valmiki.

The Siyadevi temple has idols of Ram Sita, Lakshman, Shiva Parvati, Radha-Krishna, and Lord Buddha Budhadeva.

This place is fully connected to the history of Ramayana.

When it rains, the beautiful waterfall makes this place truly picturesque.

The waterfall is known as Valmiki Falls.


Distance of Siyadevi Temple from Balod

Siyadevi Temple is 18 km from the Balod district.

Distance of Siyadevi Temple from Durg

Siyadevi waterfall is almost 73 km from Durg.

Distance of Siyadevi Temple from Bhilai

Siyadevi waterfall is 79 km from Bhilai.

Distance of Siyadevi Temple from Raipur

Siyadevi waterfall is 98 km from Raipur.

Opening time

The temple timing is 7.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Place of Interest near Siyadevi Waterfall

Ganga Maiya Temple

Ganga Maiya Temple is at Jhalmala(Balod-Durg road) in Balod.

 It is a religious temple with historic glory. 

 Originally, the Ganga Maiya temple was constructed by a local fisherman in the form of a small hut. 

A local belief of Balod is related to the origin of the Ganga Maiya Temple. 

Several devotees donated a good amount of money to construct it into a proper temple complex. 

However, it is on the Balod – Durg road.

So it’s absolutely convenient to reach from any district of Chhattisgarh

Tandula Dam

Tandula dam is 5 km from Balod in the Durg district.

However, the dam site is beautiful with a great view of the large water body.

The water to Bhilai Steel Plant is from here only.

There is a Sua resort near the dam is by Chhattisgarh tourism.

So, The dam is good for picnics and is quite beautiful, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Best time to visit Siyadevi Waterfall

The best time to visit the Siyadevi waterfall is after the monsoon as the canal gets flowing.

But, In summer, the water flow in the waterfall is low and many people cannot enjoy the waterfall.

So, Such people visit this place during the rainy season.

How to reach Siyadevi Waterfall

By flight 

Raipur airport  is106 km, approx 2 hrs by Car

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Balod railway station with 20 km.

By road

CSRTC buses and private buses are also available.


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