This stambheshwar temple of Lord Shiva disappears two times an afternoon, Kartikeya himself constructed the pagoda

Stambheshwar temple

You should see many temples of Lord Shiva, however, nowadays we are able to let you know approximately one of these temples of Lord Shiva.

approximately which you may be amazed to recognize.

this temple of Lord Shiva disappears two times an afternoon.

Because of its specialty, this temple draws devotees toward itself.

Devotees coming right here see this temple disappearing each day.

This temple is a ways from Vadodara, Gujarat in Kavi Kamboi village of Jambusar tehsil.

through the call of Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple.

This outstanding Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is likewise to Gayab Mandir.

That’s why the Stambheshwar temple disappears

However, quickly after disappearing from the eyes, this temple begins offevolved performing at its area.

By the manner, this isn’t always a miracle, but a lovely phenomenon of nature.

Due to the temple being at the seashore, on every occasion the tide rises, the whole temple receives immersed withinside the sea.

This is the cause why humans can go to the temple best whilst the tide is low withinside the sea.

This has been occurring for years, but it isn’t always a count nowadays.

At the time of excessive tide, the ocean water comes into the temple and returns lower back after anointing the Shivling.

This phenomenon takes place each morning and evening.

The temple located on the Cambay coast withinside the center of the Arabian Sea is thronged by devotees to peer the temple from the ocean to the front.

This is how the temple become constructed, recognize the tale in step with Skandpuran

According to Skandpuran, how this temple become constructed or the way it originated, is in step with this tale.

The demon Tadkasur had thrilled Shiva through his harsh penance.

When Shiva seemed in front of him, he requested a boon that best Shiva’s son might be capable of killing him, and that too at the age of six days.

Shiva had given him this boon.

Tadkasur commenced making hue and cry as quickly as he was given the boon.

Terrified the gods and sages.

Ultimately the gods reached the safe haven of Mahadev.

Shiva’s son Kartikeya, born withinside the pool of the White Mountain from Shiva-Shakti, had 6 brains, 4 eyes, and twelve hands.

Kartikeya himself killed Tadkasur at the age of simply 6 days.

When Kartikeya got here to recognize that Tarakasura become a devotee of Lord Shankar, he become significantly distressed.

Then Lord Vishnu requested Kartikeya to construct a pagoda in the area of slaughter.

This will calm their mind. Lord Kartikeya did the same.

Then all deities collectively hooked up Vishwanandak Stambh at Mahisagar Sangam Teerth, which is nowadays referred to as Stambheshwar Teerth.

Kartikeya killed Tarakasur

In one of the eighteen Hindu Puranas, While the deities hailed the honor of Kartikeya for having killed Tarakasur, Kartikeya himself become saddened by his act.

He advised the deities–` I remorse for having killed Tarakasur due to the fact he becomes a super devotee of Lord Shiva.

Is there any manner to compensate for my sin?`Lord Vishnu consoled him—` Killing a depraved person, who nourishes himself in the blood of harmless humans, isn’t always a sinful deed.

But, still, in case you sense responsible then there may be no higher manner to compensate for your sin than worshipping Lord Shiva.

Install Shivalingas and worship them with deep devotion.`

Kartikeya advised Vishkarma to make 3 divine Shivalingas.

Later on, Kartikeya established those Shivalingas at 3 distinctive locations and worshipped them with suitable rituals.

In the path of time, those 3 holy locations got here to be referred to as Pratigyeshwar, Kapaleshwar, and Kumareshwar.


Kartikeya, even as worshipping at Kapaleshwar sprinkled holy water at the Shivalinga and prayed in order that Tarakasur`s soul rested in peace.

He additionally provided sesame seeds to Lord Kapaleshwar and prayed –`May my services made withinside the shape of sesame seeds attain Tarak–the descendant of Sage Kashyap.

In this manner, Kartikeya becomes absolved of his sins.

To date, you should have visited one of these temples of Lord Shiva in which an idol of him is established and the devotees are worshiping him sincerely.

But have you ever visible one of these temples, in which Lord Shiva comes best two times in an afternoon to offer darshan after which the entire temple receives submerged? Not visible? Perhaps you may now no longer even recognize approximately this temple, so allow us to introduce you to this temple nowadays.


Why did Stambheshwar Mahadev drown two times withinside the temple?


Even eleven though there are numerous underwater pilgrimage sites in India.

there’s no such temple amongst them that’s absolutely submerged in water.

But Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is one of these temples.

which receives immersed withinside the sea two times an afternoon and this is why this temple is so unique.

The motive at the back of that is natural, in reality, the ocean stage rises a lot all through the day and the temple is absolutely submerged after which after the water stage decreases, this temple turns into seen again.

This occurs two times withinside the morning and nighttime and is taken into consideration via way of means of the human beings as an abhisheka of Shiva.

How To Reach Kavi Kamboi or Stambheshwar temple

Kavi Kamboi is set seventy-eight km from Vadodara.

You can attain Vadodara via way of means of education and bus.

Vadodara Railway Station is the closest one to Kavi Kamboi.

Kavi Kamboi is properly related via way of means of streets to towns like Vadodara, Bharuch, and Bhavnagar.

You also can take a non-public taxi from Vadodara to Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple.

Places to Visit around Vadodara Gujarat

There are many locations to go to in Vadodara.

Sayaji Bagh Vadodara Museum, Soorsagar Talav, and MS University are a number of the lovely locations which you ought to go to in Gujarat.

The EME temple right here made from aluminum sheets is likewise taken into consideration as an utterly unique temple.

How to get to Stambheshwar temple

By Road

The Narmada river runs thru the Narmada district.

alongside the border of Vadodara district, and thru Bharuch district, emptying close to the metropolis of Bharuch into the ocean.

There are numerous along the way.

and consequently, numerous approaches to go to the river.

Bharuch, Rajpipla, Chanod, and Dabhoi are handy via way of means of buses.

By Train

Bharuch is the closest railway station.

By Air

The closest airport is Vadodara.


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