Tandula dam was built on rivers Sukha and Tandula in 1912.

Tandula Reservoir at the confluence of the Tandula and Sukha rivers. 

 State’s first river project in Balod district. 

Project Tandula  by British engineer Adam 

 It was completed between 1910 and 1921 under Smith’s direction. 

 It is the third largest dam (reservoir) in Chhattisgarh.

The dam is 827.2 square meters.

It has (319.4 sq mi) of drainage water.

 total reservoir capacity of 302.31 million cubic meters. 

 It covers an area of ​​25397 hectares. 

The length of the main canal is about 110 km.  

 The total length of branches is 880 km.  

 Advantages of Tandula Dam

 It provides drinking water to businesses and steel mills in Bhilai. 

 Contributed to the acceleration of economic development. 

The British never thought The dam they are building is Asia’s largest in the region.  

The milestone is the creation of a large steel plant.

About 100 years ago the British  

 The dam they are building is the start of a new phase in Chhattisgarh’s development. 

Helping you create a niche market and launch a new phase of growth in that sector 

It is the first dam in an area famous for its rich rice fields. 

It is also the national production rice bowl. 

For the development of water resources 

 In 2012, the resource development policy was established.

The distance from Tehsil Gundardehi in Balod district to the reservoir is about 15 km. 

 Balod is about 2 km from the collector. 

Rice is the main crop in Chhattisgarh and it needs more water.

So, State Chhattisgarh Dam Project  was started in March 2013 

 Completed 8 large, 33 medium, and 2390 projects. these projects 

 In addition, 3 large, 6 medium, and 430 small irrigation facilities are under construction. to be. Total irrigation in Chhattisgarh in 2000-2001 amounted to 13.40 lakh hectares; 

 It reached 23.15%. By 2013, 18.78 million hectares had been treated.

irrigation area 60% is through channels.

water resources in a planned way 

 Accordingly, this is the area’s main asset of Chhattisgarh.

Things to be Improved in Tandula Dam

Something threatens the existence of this dam.

 They are to blame for not paying attention to it. 

government Plans are only being developed to protect the dam from the side. 

Reality is  now Tandula Dam 

Due to the difficult situation, a situation of devastation began here. 

Regularly people hang out here 

They go reluctantly.

Liquor stores operate right under the Tandulla Dam, so there is a large concentration of alcoholics here, so people drink at the store even after coming to the dam. 

In that situation, people are also concerned and people are here with their families.

No security provided  

This is a large nature and tourist destination in the area, but despite this,  no security is organized here, nor is it guarded by the police or other authorities. 

Because people are ashamed to visit this desert area. 

There used to be a lot of activity here, but that stopped when the liquor store moved to the area. 

Otherwise, before people took a walk here during the day,

Tandula dam complex Project

Gondli dam

 And also a connection with the Kharkhara reservoir.

From this water is given to BSP Bhilai.

This reservoir’s connection with Tandula is by a 9-kilometer-long canal.

That’s why the Gondli reservoir in the Balod district on the nearby Junjhar/Juhar Nallah.

In the year 1957, it comes that the water of the Tandula reservoir was not meeting the requirements.

Kharkhara Dam

There is a completely earthen reservoir on the Kharkhara river in the Balod district.

Its length is about 1128 meters.

It is a siphon project, construction in 1967.

Best time to visit

October to March

How to Reach Tandula dam

By Air

Raipur is the nearest airport to all tourist places and the distance from the airport is about 125 kilometers approximately.

By Train

The heart of the town Balod has the nearest railway station well connected to Durg Junction Railway station is about 58 kilometers.

By Road

Balod is 44 kilometers from Dhamtari, 58 kilometers from Durg, 60 kilometers from Rajnandgaon, 100 kilometers from Kanker, and 125 kilometers from Raipur.


Tandula dam also completes the century

 More importantly, he has a glorious journey past What really put Chhattisgarh on the country map remains behind. 

Basically, This tourist destination is very attractive and charming.

So, It’s worth seeing. 



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