In Tatapani Balrampur Chhattisgarh nature holds many secrets in its lap.

One of them is Tatapani in the Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh.

here is the source of hot water coming out of the earth, which many people come to see.

This hot water source is a holy place, let us know in detail about Tatapani of Balrampur.


Tatapani is about 12 km from the Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh.

Here naturally hot water is coming out of the earth.

it fills the people with wonder, so it is famous all over the state.

and a lot of people come to see it.

Tata means “hot” in the local language, hence the name Tatapani.

The water here is so hot that people cook potatoes, rice, and eggs in the hot water here.

Scientists believe that the amount of sulfur in the land here is excessive.

due to which the water here becomes hot, and the water here also smells of sulfur.

local beliefs

It is believed by the local people that Lord Shri Ram Ji threw a stone toward Sita Ji in the game, which collided with a bowl of hot oil kept in Sita Mata’s hand and the hot oil fell into the ground. Hot water started coming out of the place. Another belief is that when Lord Shiva and other gods and goddesses came to earth, they created a hot water tank for bathing and due to this belief, a fair is held here every year during the Makar Sankranti festival. Then lakhs of people come and enjoy the hot water source of Tatapani with the fair.

It is also said that skin diseases are removed from the hot water and soil here, and due to this many skin patients come here to take bath in the water.

Tatapani Shiva Temple

Here you will also get to see Shiva temple, you will be surprised to know that the idol kept inside the temple is about four hundred years old. Apart from all this, a huge Shiva statue has been built here which attracts a lot of people.

In the Shiva temple of Tatapani, every year on Mahashivratri, there is a crowd of devotees offering prayers in the pagodas and at this time the tableau of Lord Shiva is also taken out.

Best time to visit Tatapani

You can come anytime to see this mysterious place of Chhattisgarh, but if you want to make the journey of Tatapani more enjoyable, and exciting then you go to Makar Sankranti festival so that you can enjoy the fair here with a hot water source.

How to reach Tatapani

Nearest Airport

 Swami Vivekananda Airport Raipur and Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Nearest Railway Station 

 72 km from Garhwa Road Railway Station and 92 km from Ambikapur Railway Station.

By Road 

Tatapani is on Ambikapur-Garhwa National Highway 343 in the Balrampur district. 12 kms from Balrampur.

Places To Visit Near Tatapani

Pawai Falls 

 This waterfall is 16 Km from Balrampur on the Chanan River in Semarsot Sanctuary. It falls from a height of about 90 to 100 feet. Powai Waterfall is the center of attraction for the local people who come on various occasions to enjoy the beautiful waterfall.

Semarsot Sanctuary 

 In this sanctuary, animals like leopards, gaur, nilgai, chital, sambar, kotra, son dog, etc. can be seen roaming in the wild. This sanctuary is open to tourists from November to June.

Ancient Temples of Dipadih 

If you are interested in seeing archaeological tourist places then you must definitely go to see the ancient temples of Dipadih.

Archaeological remains from the eighth to the fourteenth centuries have been found in the surrounding areas, which have been kept in one place. It is like a museum in an open field.


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