Tourist places in the Bilaspur

KHUTAGHAT DAM RATANPUR-Tourist places in the Bilaspur

About 25 km from Bilaspur district. Khutaghat, located in Ratanpur Nagar, which comes under the category of Chhattisgarh’s main dam, was constructed about 85 years ago during British rule. Khutaghat is a very old scenic spot, once a year a fair is organized on the day of Teej, in which people come from far and wide and every year a huge crowd of people gathers here. Due to heavy rains these days, this dam remains full of water, due to which its beauty gets flooded even more, which attracts people more and more.

CHAPI DAM RATANPUR -Tourist places in the Bilaspur

Chapi Dam is about 12 to 14 km from Ratanpur. There is a very nice and natural place situated at Pendra Road, which is a water body. Chapi Reservoir is located in Chapora, a village adjacent to Ratanpur, which is a very good and beautiful tourist center as well as a picnic spot. This is a very nice and attractive place in the picnic spots around Bilaspur. Where people come to observe the beautiful view of nature along with picnic. This is the second number dam located near Ratanpur i.e. two reservoirs are located in Ratanpur. One of which is the Khutaghat Dam and the Chapi Dam located in Chapora. Being close to Ratanpur, the devotees who come here must come to see the Chapi Dam.

NATURE CAMP BOIRPADAV KHONDRA-Tourist places in the Bilaspur

Nature Camp i.e. Boir Padav which is also known as Khondra, it is about 35 km from Bilaspur district. Is located at a distance. Which is known as Nature Camp boirpadav tourist. Here a very beautiful waterfall is formed in the middle of a dense forest. For the purpose of seeing which tourists from far and wide come to visit here. This waterfall is surrounded by dense forests from all sides. It is a very good place for picnic. Because of which people from far away come here to have a picnic. Along with this, people also come here for picnic with their friends and family.

KOTNI SONAR THE CROCODILE PARK-Tourist places in the Bilaspur

The Crocodile Park, located in Kotmisonar village of Akaltara block of Janjgir-Champa district of Chhattisgarh state, has been built for the purpose of conservation of crocodiles. Science Park, Auditorium, Energy Park etc. have been built here. There are more than 200 crocodiles in this conservation center. This center has been included in the tourist places by the tourism department of the state government. The number of both domestic and foreign tourists coming here is continuously increasing.


Ratanpur is a religious and famous sightseeing place. Where many temples are situated, that is, if it is also called a city of temples, then there will be no exaggeration. If you want to visit all the temples here within a single day, then even a whole day’s time will be less. Ratanpur was also declared as the capital of Chhattisgarh state during the reign of Kalchuri dynasty. At that time there used to be more than 1200 ponds here. Because of which it is also called the city of ponds. However, at present their number has reduced to only 200 to 250. There are many temples in Ratanpur Nagar but it is specially famous for the temple of Mahamaya Devi Maa.

Where the Shaktipeeth of Mahamaya Devi is present. The crowd of devotees in Ratanpur remains throughout the year, but on the special days of Navratri, the crowd here is formed on seeing, during the days of Navratri thousands, lakhs of devotees throng here. Here during the days of Navratri, people stand in line for hours, then they can go and have darshan of the Mother Goddess, sometimes there is so much crowd here that the queue of people reaches outside the gate, although it is here throughout the year. The fair continues to be held as it is held in the temple of Maa Chandrahasini Devi located in Chanderpur, but during the days of Navratri, there is a lot of filling in the fair here.


It is said that a branch of the Kalchuris dynasty of Tripuri ruled Chhattisgarh for a long time with Ratanpur as its capital. King Ratnadev I made a village called Manipur as his capital by giving it the name Ratanpur. Along with this, the temple of Shri Adishakti Mahamaya Devi Maa was built by King Ratnadev I in the 11th century.


About 25 km from Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh state. And about 140 km from the capital Raipur. Ram Tekri is located in Ratanpur Nagar on the road from Bilaspur to Katghora. Which is built on a very high mountain, due to which it is called Ram Tekri. Here Lord Shri Ram is seated with Mother Sita. Also, it is believed that this temple was built during the rule of Marathas. Beautiful granite idols of Lord Shri Ram, Sita Maiya and Lord Hanuman are enshrined in Ram Tekri. Here the name derives from the Ram Janaki temple on the hill itself. Tourists and devotees gather here on every auspicious occasion.


Although this city named Ratanpur is known as the city of ponds, at the same time Ratanpur is also known as the city of temples. There are many miraculous and grand ancient temples here. Ratanpur Nagar is famous not only in Chhattisgarh but all over India by the name of Mahamaya Temple, but apart from Ratanpur Mahamaya Temple, there are many such temples located here, many of which are amazing and not easy to reach. One of which is the temple of Maa Lakhni Devi. This temple is also special because it is built on top of a huge mountain. Also, it is the highest among the mountains located in Ratanpur.


The temple of Bhairav Baba Ji is situated in Ratanpur itself. Where a huge statue of Baba Bhairav is installed. People come here from far and wide to have darshan. About 3 km from Mahamaya Temple of Ratanpur. The temple of Bhairav Baba is situated on the main road of Bilaspur Korba, just at a distance. Devotees who come to Mahamaya Temple also come to have the darshan of Bhairav Baba Ji.

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