Munnar has many Tourist places which are famous for their beautiful side scene, waterfall, and lake.

It is one of these which attracts tourists from all over India.

Located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

Munnar used to be the summer resort of the former British administration.

It is also an ideal destination for trekking and mountain biking.


Neelakurinji | tourist places of MunnarOne of the most beautiful travel Tourist places in Munnar is Neelakurinji.

The blue flower is the center of attraction in Neelakurinji.

40 species of flowers are found here.

However, the highest number of indigo flowers.

So, If you are fond of photography, then definitely go to the mountains of Neelakurinji, because the mountains seem indigo and beautiful due to indigo flowers.

For those people who have a special love for nature, this place is not less than paradise.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden Munnar | tourist places of Munnar

If you want to enjoy a trip to Munnar then definitely go to Rose Garden located a little away from Munnar city is located in Mattupetty and is 13 km away from Munnar.

Rose Garden has beautiful roses of many types and colors, besides Rose Garden, many beautiful scenic spots are located.

Eco Point

Munnar's Echo Point

If you are going to Munnar in search of peace then you will like Munnar’s Echo Point. This place is also a very quiet and beautiful environment where you will feel peace.

You will feel peace at this place because of its beauty, it seems very attractive. Moreover the perfect place for a picnic with the family.

There is a very beautiful place around Echo Point, because of its location on the banks of a lake, it is fascinating.

Anamudi Peak

Anamudi Peak Munnar

Anamudi Peak place resembling the shape of an elephant is also the highest peak in South India.

If you want to go here, then go before the sun rises because at the time of sunrise this place seems very attractive. You will feel very happy about seeing this beautiful scene.

Lakkam Water

Lakkam Falls Munnar

Lakkam Falls is a beautiful waterfall located near the Vagavurai State.

 Enhanced by being located near the Vagavurai valley.

If you are very fond of photography, then this place is a very suitable place for you.

Punarjani Traditional Village

Punarjani Traditional Village Munnar

If you are fond of watching cultural programs and want to experience the cultural programs of Kerala, then you should visit Punarjani Traditional Village once known for its cultural programs.

Displayed for an hour every day.

Punarjani is located at Pallivasal in Munnar, about 18 km from Munnar city.

Tata Tea Museum Munnar

Tata Tea Museum in Munnar

Munnar, as you know, is known as the center of tea gardens.

If you are fond of drinking tea and want to know about the varieties of tea, then Tata Tea Museum in Munnar will prove to be very useful, it is a tourist place.

The Tata Tea Museum is located in the Nulthanni State of Munnar where a variety of tea varieties are found.

Tata group set up this museum.

Powerhouse Falls

powerhouse waterfall Munnar | tourist places of Munnar

If you are fond of seeing the natural sight, then we are going to tell you about another natural place which is the powerhouse waterfall.

The Power House Falls is a very beautiful waterfall.

There is a belief that during the Ramayana period, Mother Sita took a bath in this waterfall. This waterfall looks very beautiful. And is one of the main tourist destinations of Kerala.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park | tourist places of Munnar

If you are fond of spending time among the wildlife and love to see them then you must visit the Eravikulam National Park in Munnar which is located about 15 km from Munnar.

A variety of wildlife species are found in Eravikulam National Park along with a variety of rare species of trees and plants.

Thousands of tourists come here every year to spend their time.

Kundala Dam And Lake

Kundala Dam And Lake Munnar | tourist places of Munnar

One of the best Tourist places in Munnar is Kundala Dam and Kundala Lake Munnar.

Kundala Dam and Kundala Lake Munnar is a center of attraction that is perched at an elevation of about 1700 meters above sea level and is located about 27 km from Munnar.

Talking about the Kundala dam, it is known as Asia’s first arch dam. Thousands of tourists come here every year to see this dam and spend their time.

Kashmiri-Shikara and The sharp edge of the water of the dam is the center of attraction.

Elephant Arrival Spot

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