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sedam waterfall
Different cultures of India Place in Chhattisgarh Waterfall

Sedum waterfall on the Ambikapur-Raigarh road

Sedum waterfall There is a village named Sedam at a distance of 45 km from Ambikapur. It is on the Ambikapur-Raigarh road.  A beautiful waterfall flows between the hills at a distance of two kilometers in its south direction. Sedum Waterfall height is 25 to 30 feet. Which falls from this height to make beautiful …

Chitradhara waterfall
Different cultures of India Place in Chhattisgarh Waterfall

Chitradhara waterfall beauty of Bastar

Chitradhara waterfall is one of the many beautiful waterfalls in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh.  It is one of the most beautiful picnic spots for locals and tourists. The waterfall is on the Tilchuta river. A large number of people come during the monsoons to enjoy the picturesque view.  Picture lovers or photographers to visit …

Folk dances of Kerala
Different cultures of India Folk dance of India Travel

Folk dances of Kerala Dance that describes culture

  Folk dances of Kerala – Kaikotti Kali, Kuttiyottama, Thiruvathira, Thirayattama, Kali Kakrisi, etc. In front of Goddess Bhagwati Kanniyar Kali performance complete (also known as Desathukali) . It is one of the oldest folk fast dances with a rhythmic melody. Kaikotti Kali (also known as Thiruvathirakali) Folk Dance Kerala women dance in symmetry circles. …

Purkhauti Muktangan
CGPSC Notes Chhattisgarh Different cultures of India Place in Chhattisgarh

Purkhauti Muktangan museum with models

Purkhauti Muktangan is a museum in Naya Raipur. It is in an area of about 200 acres. it was inaugurated in the year 2006 by Honorable APJ Abdul Kalam. In this lively museum, there are models of Chhattisgarh’s tribal culture, artistic, natural structure, and tourist places, which have been displayed in the best way. This …