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Neelam Sarai waterfall
Different cultures of India Place in Chhattisgarh Waterfall

Neelam Sarai waterfall is on the border of Telangana.

Neelam Sarai waterfall is also known as Neela Jharna.  Its height is 200 meters. Neelam Sarai water stream in Usur block. The waterfall is the head of sightseeing in Bijapur after making headlines in recent years. Approximately 7 km from Sodhi Para in Usur, it is possible to reach the Neelum Sarai Falls by climbing three …

Lankapalli Waterfall
Place in Chhattisgarh Waterfall

Lankapalli Waterfall flows in lap of nature

Lankapalli Waterfall is also known as Lanka Falls. Nature has blessed Bastar very beautifully. one such beautiful waterfall is in Bijapur, about which people know very little, but the beauty of this waterfall is worth seeing it. Beautiful hills, cool water flowing between the mountains, a deep water body, and a beautiful waterfall falling in …

saatdhara waterfall
Place in Chhattisgarh Waterfall

Saatdhara Waterfall beauty of barsur

Saatdhara Waterfall is surrounded by large boulders and dense forests, and there is beautiful natural scenery to soothe the hearts of tourists. Thousands of people visit every year. When people come here, they have picnics, fun, and fishing.  Saatdhara waterfall Saatdhara is in Barsur Dantewada  Chhattisgarh. Barsur is bit naxalism area. But they never harm …