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Chitrakote waterfalls Niagara falls of India
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Chitrakote waterfalls Niagara falls of India

  The middle-east area of ​​Bastar division of Chhattisgarh state. So, The area near Bastar district headquarters Jagdalpur is full of nature’s gifts. Above all, The region has many waterfalls, underground caves, dense forests, and rich environments full of fauna. The population and their culture residing in this region are full of many specialties. Most important, …

ghadghadi fall
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Ghadghadi Falls largest waterfall in Gariaband

The Ghadghadi Falls is the largest waterfall in Gariaband. And is named after the sound of water falling below 120 feet height Gharghadi waterfall The waterfall is 250 feet long and 120 feet high. Developing as a trekking site Delectable natural wealth is hidden in the plains and hilly areas of the district. but due …

Bastar Palace
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Bastar Palace historical past sites in Jagdalpur

Bastar Palace, the residence of the royal very own family, is one of the attractions of Jagdalpur. Bastar Palace is also one of the maximum vital historical past sites in Jagdalpur. This historic monument boasts charming artwork and architecture, complemented by splendid carvings and engravings on partitions and ceilings. Surrounded by well-laid gardens and housing …