Turri dham (Shiva Temple)

Location of Turri dham

Tehsil: Sakti

Distance: 13 km from Sakti. m.

Known as Turridham, this temple is of Lord Shiva, a three-day fair every year on the occasion of Mahashivratri.

Turri dham

Devotees come here all year round, but in the month of Sawan, many Shiva devotees reach Turridham with their wishes.

From the local point of view, the Shivalinga present here is as venerable as the major Jyotirlingas.

While giving information regarding the construction of the temple, the priest said that the local king and queen constructed it.

At present, this temple has come in a completely modern form.

The architecture of this temple is unique.

This Shivalinga faces east.

A pavilion around it is awesome.

Turri dham gives peaceful vibes.

The sanctum sanctorum is at a depth of 8 feet from the main entrance of the temple.

There are stairs leading downwards to reach the sanctum sanctorum.

This water source has been flowing continuously since ancient times.

The ancient Shivalinga is established below this water source.

It is a mystery of water coming no one understands this

On which water anointment is always done naturally on Shivalinga.

The source of water coming out of it remains a mystery in Turri dham

Where this water source is coming from has not been known to date.

The specialty of this water source is that its speed becomes slow and fast at different times.

This water source never stops.

Local people consider this water stream to be as sacred and full of medicinal properties as Ganga water, fill it in bottles, and take it to their homes.



How to reach Turri dham

by air

The nearest airport is Raipur Chhattisgarh.

by train

The nearest railway station is Sakthi.

by road

13 km from Sakthi. m.


Must visit this place whenever you visit Chhattisgarh

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