Turturiya Mata mandir is a totally lovely region well-known for notable memories and part of Ramayana and comes under the Ram van Gaman path.

it’s far well-known as Turturiya Dham in Chhattisgarh.

So, a charming region in the Baloda Bazar district.

Turturiya has Barnawapara Sanctuary and On also only hand surrounded via way of means of big rivers like Mahanadi and Balmadehi.

Each year lakhs of devotees go to the specific Balabhadri drain of Turturiya Dham.

So, the temple withinside the lovely hill of Matagarh at the banks of the Balamdehi river.

Basically, People come right here to rejoice in picnics.

Wild animals can also be seen in this area.

there may be a crowd of humans each month of the yr.

however specifically humans want to come right here throughout Navratri.

Here, Jyoti Kalash is likewise withinside the temple of Mata.

the range of traveling right here will increase withinside the ice season due to the fact at that point humans come right here for animals looking in Barnawapara Sanctuary.

The name of this place is given as the water flow of the Balabhadri drain goes through the rock and the sound of the tutur comes due to the buzzing waves from it. Due to this, it has been given the name of Turturiya.

Turturiya Mata Dham Kasdol Raipur Chhattisgarh

Turturiya Mata Mandir and valmiki ashram

This non secular and historic region is close to the village Bahriya of Kasdol tehsil of Baloda-Bazar district.

which is five km from the village of Borsi.

This region is at a distance of approximately ninety-five km from the Bilaspur district.

But, approximately 118 km from Raipur city.

It also comes under the Government of Chhattisgarh as part of the Ram Van Gaman Path.

Shri Ram had surpassed this region throughout the exile.

Turturiya waterfall

It is approximately region, during Tretayuga it is the tapobhumi of Maharishi Valmiki.

he has an ashram right here.

Due to that, you get to look at artwork and sculptures with Ramayana like Valmiki, Ram, Sita, Lakshmana, and Lava-Kush, right here.

you’ll get to look at many historic architectures and statues, and pillars which can be very vintage times.

There is an instance of higher and more delightful workmanship.

those archaeological stays are of eight-nine centuries.

there may be additionally a first-rate drain, that is Balabhadri Nala.

the water of this drain flows via the rocks.

As Lakshmana falls withinside the Kund.

any other call of this drain and this region is likewise Surasuri Ganga.

that is because of this drain, there may be any other issue associated with this.

Must visit the waterfall in the rainy season.

Turturia Mata Mandir Dham

A very lovely river Balamdehi flows close to this Turturiya Dham.

which separates from Mahanadi and passes via this holy region to Barnavapara Sanctuary.

on the opposite facet of this river a totally lovely.

and whole nonsecular tale There are temples, which can be known as the temple of Matagarh.

it’s far stated that if humans come right here simplest to go to Turturiya Dham, their darshan stays incomplete.

in order for the need to additionally go to Matagarh`s Sita Mata.

this region is surrounded via way of means of hills.

The facet seems very lovely surrounded via way of means of trees.


Turturiya Sita Mata Mandir

A tale with the Matagarh temple of this Turturiya Dham is likewise very popular.

it’s far stated that Vaidehi left Sita after being deserted via way of means of Lord Shri Ram withinside the Ramai Path of Sarid Anchal village, close to Figneshwar, which turned into the house of the mom.

The statue of Sita continues to be there in that region.

When Maharishi Valmiki got here to recognize approximately Mother Sita.

he bring him to Turturiya and Sita Maa began dwelling in this ashram.

the identical Luv-Kush turned born.

Climb about 800 steps from Vaidehi Vihar to find Matagarh Temple.

 The peculiarity of this temple is that the mother here is considered to be the one who gives birth to the child. 

 This temple is the main temple of all these Turturiya where people come from all over wanting to have children.


Maharishi Valmiki ashram

Turturiya is also the birthplace of Mata Kaushalya and the penitential place of Maharishi Valmiki.  

 It is believed that Maharishi Valmiki built an ashram here to meditate. 

Maharishi Valmiki is known worldwide as the creator of the Sanskrit Ramayana.  

 It was he who wrote the Ramayana and introduced the biography of Lord Sri Rama to the world. Actually, Valmiki was  Nishad.  

 If you have read or seen the Ramayana, then you must remember how the boatman took Lord Sri Ram across the river in his canoe. 

 Thereafter, Lord Shri Ram became the ideal of the Nishads and they also started worshiping him with great devotion. 

  Maharishi Valmiki of the Nishad religion wrote the Ramayana on the life of Lord Shri Ram in 24,000 verses. 

 Parts of Maharishi Valmiki’s ashram can still be seen today in Turturiya. Great importance was attached to this place since ancient times due to the fact that Valmiki’s ashram is located there. 

Luv Kush was born in Turturiya

This area of ​​Turturia is special in many ways.

You will be also surprised to know that in this Turturiya Dham mata Sita gave birth to sons Luv and Kush.

However, Evidence of that can be found in many texts and Puranas. 

  According to the Valmiki Ramayana, when her Mother Sita came out of her womb, Lakshmana left her in her ashram at her Valmiki, as per Sri Rama’s request. 

so, It is believed that Mother Sita then gave birth to two sons, Luv and Kush.

After birth, both were raised, trained, and initiated in the same  Dham Turturiya and Valmiki played a significant role in all of this. 

 Gomukh Kund of Turturiya 

 As soon as you enter Turturia Dham, you will see the face of a cow.

This Gomukh is the same as  Gomukh  Swaminarayan Akshardham in Delhi. 

 A feature of this Gomukh is that the water in this Gomukh continues to flow at the same rate without electricity and without devices. 

As It is believed that the waters of this Gomukha never dry up and that these waters flow continuously from the nearby Warranga hills.

The water flowing from this hill gathers in one place and makes gomukh. 

Archaeological excavations in Turturiya

  Excavations have been made in this area since ancient times. The British Commissioner H.M. Laurie was the first to excavate at this site. 

 When Lari learned about the history of the area, he was sure that if he excavated it, an old idol would be found there, which would reveal the living conditions of the old days. 

  After that, he conducted excavations here. After the excavation, Lari’s suspicions were confirmed and many archaeological idols were found during the excavation, some of which can still be seen in the temples of this Turturiya Dham. 

Balamdeki River 

There is something special about this river. 

 Here it is believed that if a girl wants a companion in her life, she welcomes a groom at will. 

 Given the importance of the river, it’s the Balamdekhi River. 

 Balamdehi in Hindi means husband giver. Looking at the glory of the river, unmarried girl visit this temple every month to meet the groom they want. 

  Kasdol to Turturiya distance

12 km away from Kasdol.

Raipur to Turturiya distance

Turturiya is a natural and ceremonial place 84 km from the Raipur dist.

Balodabazar to Turturiya distance

 29 km from Balodabazar district.

Distance of Turturiya from Sirpur

Sirpur is 25km from Turturiya.

How to Reach Turturiya Mata Mandir

It is about 35 km from Sirpur.

By Air

You have come to Raipur  

By rail

Raipur railway station is closet one.

By road  

 However, You Can use an automobile or motorcycle to attain right here.

because this region is full of mountains and near the sanctuary.

The best time to visit Turturiya Mata Mandir

During Dec- Jan huge fair goes every year.

So, Better to visit early in the morning as after sunset fear of wild animals makes the way scary.


Turturiya is not famous for one but many religious and mythological reasons as it comes under the Ram van Gaman path. 

You all also know how important Chhattisgarh is during Ramayana. 

Be ready to walk and climb almost 200 stairs in a dense forest.

But While visiting carry your own water bottles.

The importance of Turturiya Dhama is further as it is the birthplace of Mata Kaushalya temple, the birthplace of Luv and Kush, and the meditation site of Maharishi Valmiki.

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