Umradah Falls 

The Kanthangudi cave is near the Umradah waterfall.

The waterfall is also Umradah waterfall.

The waterfall and the cave were discovered by Geologist Jitendra Nakka with the help of Pankaram Kureti, the Sarpanch of the village.

The special thing about Umradah Falls is that here water falls from a height of about 100 feet on white granite rocks between dolerite rocks.

At the same time, its pseudo form is also about 100 feet.

Rock paintings of the early human period in the Kathanmundi cave

From the place where the path splits into two trails.

after descending about 100 feet on the left side, there is a small cave made of dolerite rock.

In the language of geology, it is a grotto.

The local villagers know this cave by the name of Kathanmundi cave.

According to the Megalithic tradition of North Bastar, the painting of the early human period is also seen here.

In the ceiling inside the cave, many types of pictures are made in red color.

which also gives information about the then social system of primitive humans.

Pictures in red remain as they have been for years

Geology expert Nakka says that in the rock paintings in the cave, a man with a quadruped animal, somewhere a man with a small child, somewhere two men are seen holding weapons like sword and shield in their hands, and somewhere like this is also being seen.

That some people are hunting some animals.

When he tried to wash these rock paintings with water, their color did not diminish.

In such a situation, these rock paintings can be considered megalithic.

Nakka says that after traveling a distance of about a hundred feet on the right side outside this village.

a natural source of clean water has also been found under the root of a tree, which the villagers use for drinking water.

Umradah Falls is made of dolerite rocks.

Umradah village is completely surrounded by forests.

About 7 km from Honhed comes under the purview of Lingopath to reach the mountain area situated towards the north.

On reaching here, moving in the north direction just outside the village, at a distance of about half a kilometer, as soon as it descends from a straight slope of 30 degrees, the roar of the waterfall is heard.

From here the path splits into two trails, from where after moving about 200 feet, a local stream falls down from a height of about 100 feet on white granite rocks between dolerite rocks.

At some distance, the waterfall then passes through dolerite and white granite rocks, forming many small falls.


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