Vishnu Temple in Janjgir Nagar reflects the golden past of this district. 

This Vishnu temple is an ancient artistic specimen of the Vaishnava community. 

It was built by the Kalchuri rulers in the 12th century.

The Vishnu Mandir was built by the kings of Hayhay Vansh.

near Bhima Talab of purani basti of Janjgir in the 12 Century. 

It was constructed in two parts to make a full temple.

but both the parts were not assembled in time and as a result of it, both the parts of the temple are laying on the ground separately and still the temple is uncompleted.

Due to this, the temple is also called Nakata Mandir by local people.

On the walls of the temple, the statue of God and Goddess, Gandharava and Kinners are making it worth watching for the tourists.

Vishnu Temple

This temple is half-built. 

The temple is on a huge platform. 

This platform is 33.3 m. tall, 22.3 m. wide and 2.75m. high.

 In its eastern part, scenes of Ram Katha have been engraved with various crystal idols.

 On one panel the archers Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Ravana, and antelope are carved. 

Sitaharan is shown on the second panel. 

On the third panel, Rama has been shown piercing seven tall trees with an arrow. Krishna’s story is mentioned in the western part.

The temple has idols of Varaha Avatar, Garudasana Lakshmi, Matsya Avatar, Narasimha Avatar, and Ardhanarishwar.

Also known as Nakata Mandir

This temple is not complete. The top part of this temple is kept at a distance of about 50 meters from the main temple.

 Since this temple is incomplete, due to this the local people also call it Nakata Temple.

Where the top part of the temple is kept, there is also the temple of Mother, which is called “Devi Dai”. A temple has been built in memory of Chandwa Baiga at the entrance of this temple.



Once Bhima and Vishwakarma had a competition to build a temple in one night. 

Then Bhima started the construction work of this temple. 

When Bhima’s hammer and chisel fell down during the construction of the temple, his elephant used to bring it back.

But once Bhima’s chisel went into the nearby pond, which the elephant could not bring back, and it was morning.

Bhima was very sad about losing the competition and in a fit of rage, he cut the elephant into two pieces.

Thus the temple is incomplete. Even today there is a fragmented statue of Bhima and the elephant in the temple premises.



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