Waterfall of Dantewada District

Bogtum Waterfall of Dantewada District

It is in the hills of village Podaspalli near Bhopalpatnam in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh state.

This is a wonderful natural waterfall.

The waterfall is not very popular.

However, nowadays people visit here for a picnic.

local people are making an effort to make this fall popular.

Suratgarh Waterfall of Dantewada District 

The Suratgarh waterfall is on the Shankhini Dankini river.

Mendari Ghumar Falls

Mendrighumar Falls is also known as Hathi Darha Falls.

The waterfall is seasonal and natural.

This Fall is close to Chitrakote and Tamda Ghumar falls.

The height of the waterfall is almost 70 meters.

lush green surroundings and eye catchy places.

Its own version during summer and monsoon.

The waterfall flows over during the rainy.

whereas in summer the water gushes slowly and calmly during summer.

It is a great place for picnics.

As well as a great eco destination due to the surrounding lush green forest and natural environment.

The flat plateau at the top of the hill ends abruptly, causing the waterfall to cascade down into the lush green forest which is a sight to behold.

Distance of waterfall from Jagdalpur

This waterfall is only 24 kilometers from Jagdalpur.

Best time to visit

The waterfall forms its best in the rainy season.

The water from the rains continuously flows through the hills.

Malangir Falls 

Chhattisgarh is a beautiful tourist destination in the state.

This waterfall is in the Konta tehsil.

The natural beauty of this mountain waterfall on the Malger river originating from the Bailadila hills is fantastic.

The waterfall is almost 40 km from Dantewada Headquarters.

It is in the Kuwakonda block of Dantewada

Pulpad Indul Falls 

Chhattisgarh is counted among the beautiful tourist places of the state.

This is in a village called ‘Pulpad’ near Nakulnar on the way from Dantewada district headquarters to Sukma before Bailadila.

Here the water divided into many streams falling from the hills increases the beauty of the waterfall manifold.

The waterfall forms through Aranpur valley from Bailadila hills.

It is in the south of Dantewada.

The height of the waterfall is approximately  225 feet.

The specialty of the waterfall is it can view from two sides.

from the top as well as from the bottom.

The top view is an eye view of the surrounding valley and immense greenery.

Whereas, the bottom view is the entire waterfall view

Best time to visit

Monsoon is the best time to visit the waterfall.

November to March is also a good time to visit.


Pratapgiri Falls 

The waterfall is in a dense forest.

While visiting the waterfall take the help of a local guide.

The waterfall is near Tongalpal village which is about 15 km from Pratagiri.

After that dense forest of 3 km is there.

By walking, you can reach there.

There is a small temple near the waterfall.

only local people know about the waterfall.


Distance of Pratapgiri Waterfall from Jagdalpur

It is about 60- 70 km from Jagdalpur.

Other waterfalls in the district

Rambooti Falls

Sitalanka Falls (Barsoor)

Jharalawa waterfall

How to reach

Nearest Bus Stand

Jagdalpur Bus Stand

Nearest Railway Station 

Jagdalpur Railway Station

Nearest Airport

Jagdalpur Airport and Raipur Airport



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