Sihawa Shringi rishi Dham in Dhamtari district

Sihawa is a mountain variety in the Dhamtari district close to Raipur withinside the kingdom of Chhattisgarh.

Mahanadi originates from this mountain variety.

Here  is the famous saptrishi ashram 

Legend has it that this area become the domicile of Shringi etc. 

Saptarishis withinside the past, through whose names many well-known caves are at the excessive peaks of the hills.

It is a fully dense forest.

There are 409 stairs.

Many Small Prasad stalls are there.

History  of Sihawa Shringi rishi Dham

The remains of six temples had been discovered from the ruins of Sihawa.

The 5 temples of Sihawa have been constructed by the Chandravanshi king Karna around 1114 Saka Samvat 1192 AD.

This aspect is obvious from a file of Sihawa.

This inscription shows that the call of Sihawa become Devahrad and it become identified as a pilgrimage.

Distance from Raipur to Sihawa Shringi Rishi Dham

Almost 140 km

Location of Sihawa Shringi Rishi Dham

Sihawa Mountain comes under the Nagari Nagri development block of the Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh state.



Mahanadi is believed to have originated from a kamandal, when the kamandal of Rishi Muni rolled down from that mountain, a stream of water started flowing from there.

 it is that Mahanadi flows from the top part of the mountain, passes through the inner parts of the mountain, and emerges from the Ganesh Ghat on the ground below. 


Karneshwar temple, Ganesh Ghat, hiring hath Koth, Danteshwari cave, Amrit Kund, Mahama temple

There is another Sheetla temple on this mountain and another Ganesh ji’s Ganesh. 

The temple is located which is very famous. 

Karneshwar temple is near the bank of Sihawa Mountain.

where a fair is every year in the month of Magh, which is very famous. 

People come from far and wide to see this fair. 

What is special is that in this the tribals are taken out in a procession in worship of their deities, to see which a huge crowd gathers. 

Near the temple there is a confluence of Mahanadi and Pari river where people take bath in the morning on the opening day of the fair. 

This fair is of 3 to 5 days.

Seven caves

The mountain has more than seven caves.

According to local people, Rishi Angera still lives here.

On the rock of the mountain, the footprint is there.

The footprint is of Lord Ram.

Since Lord ram Came here during exile it comes under Ram van path gaman marg.


Carry your water while terracing stairs.

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