Kundru Ghagh Fall on the Pingla River, which flows through the heart of the ‘Tamor Pingla Sanctuary’.

This waterfall is of medium height.

fall is 10 km from Ramkola.

It is in the middle of a dense forest.

Dense forests on both sides surround this waterfall.

This place is attractive, scenic, safe, and easily accessible for family forest feasts.

This waterfall is “Gagi” in the local dialect.

 Places to visit near Kundru Ghagh fall


 08 kms in the northern direction from Udaipur.

 From Udaipur, one has to go on the Kedma route. 

Its places of interest are the ancient Shiva temple, the Vishnu temple of Chherika Deur, Tirthankar Vrishabha Nath Pratima, ascetic seated on the throne, Lord Vishnu-Lakshmi idol, Narasimha avatar, Hiranyakashyap tearing apart, Munda Tila (With Prahlad in her lap), Skandhamata, idols of Ganga-Jamuna, heroine looking at the mirror and inscription of 18 sentences.  

Satmahal shiv temple near Kundru Ghagh Fall

It is a historic site in the state of Chhattisgarh.

It is about 10 km from Lakhanpur, south of Ambikapur. 

 According to local beliefs, there were seven huge Shiva temples in ancient times, while according to the tribes, this place had the `Sapta courtyard palace` of a king in ancient times.  

There are many scenic spots here, among which are the `Shiva temple`, the `Shatbhujakar well`, and `Surya Pratima`.  

 At Satmahla, there are scattered places of archaeological importance, which have not been taken by the government administration in the direction of maintenance.

due to which there is a possibility of destruction and theft of this heritage of historical importance.  

The Archaeological Department has declared the Satmahla area as protected.

But what has been done in the direction of its conservation is not visible. 

 Benganga fall

The source of the  Banganga River lies in the middle of a mountain range at the southeast corner of Jamira village in Samaripat on the Kusami-Samri road.  

Shivling also settled in groups of Sal trees. 

The inhabitants of the forest call it Sarna and consider it reverent.

 Sarna – The source of the reservoir in the lower part of the orchard.

 Moving south, these waters take the form of waterfalls among the huge boulders in the hills.

A dense forest full of natural beauty, across the rocks the Benganga stream flows towards Srikot.

At Ganga Dashahar, locals gather to worship Sarna Dev and Devadhidev Mahadev and then perform a night awakening.

Full of natural beauty, it is a center of tourist attractions.


The Deogarh is on the banks of the Rihand river amidst tranquil and tranquil scenic nature. 

It is about 1.5 km away West of Ambikapur road. 

The distance from Ambikapur  is about 40 km

This place is also Deoria because of the numerous gods scattered throughout. 

There are several burial mounds formed by the temple ruins, each containing a deity.   

The archeology of the site dates back to very early times. 

His Guuri-Shankar temple may have been built by the Bhara-Shiva dynasty ruler Nagavamsi in 110 BC. 

 How To Reach Kundru Ghagh Fall

 By air 

 Darima Airport, Ambikapur 

By train 

 Ambikapur Railway Station and taxi from there 

By road 

 Ambikapur bus stand and taxi from there

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