Sitamarhi Harchoka

Sitamarhi Harchoka has been a place of religious importance since ancient times.

This site is in the Koriya district of Chhattisgarh. 

It is at a distance of about 28 km from Janakpur under Bharatpur tehsil in the northwest direction of the Korea district.

Mahakavi Kalidas composed his classic work Meghdootam here.

Sita’s kitchen and Ram-Lakshman caves will also be decorated

The cave situated on the Mawai river bank has been cut and 17 chambers have been made, in which Shivling is installed. 

This place is known as Harchowka (kitchen). 

Lord Ram had reached Sitamarhi-Ghaghra situated on the banks of the Rapa river from Harchouka. 

There is a cave with 4 chambers about 20 feet above, in the middle of which Shivling is established.

 In the onward journey, he left Ghaghra and reached Ramgarh hill in Surguja district via Kotadola. 

It is situated on Ambikapur-Bilaspur road. 

It is also known as Ramgiri.

 The scenes of this place have been depicted in the Meghdoot of Mahakavi Kalidas. 

During the exile, Shri Ram spent a few days here with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana. 

That is why the caves located there are known by their name by the people. 

Due to the ascetic disguise of Rama, one was named Jogimara, the other Sita Bengra, and the other Lakshmana Gufa.





Due to its relation to the Ramayana period.


Korea, Chhattisgarh

 famous Sitamarhi Harchoka

This place is famous for Lord Rama from the time of the Ramayana period. 

During the exile, Lord Ram comes to Chhattisgarh from the Koriya district itself. 

The texture of Sita Kitchen

Sitamarhi-Harchoka Cave is on the banks of river Mawai and has 17 chambers. 

It is also known as Sita Ki Rasoi. 

There is a boulder which is the footprint of Lord Rama. 

The cave is on the Mawai river bank.

It is cut into 17 chambers, out of which 12 chambers with Shivling.

This place is known as Harchowka (kitchen).

From here the path ahead of Shri Ram Ji

Lord Ram had reached Sitamarhi-Ghaghra situated on the banks of the Rapa river from Harchouka. There is a 4 chambered cave about 20 feet above, in the middle of which Shivling is established.

From Ghaghra, Lord Ram reached Kotadola(near Ambikapur) where the researcher found the Ashoka pillar.


Why is Sitamarhi Harchouka in the discussion today?

A “Shri Ram Van Gaman Path” is being constructed by the Government of Chhattisgarh by connecting all the places involved in the stay of Chhattisgarh during the exile of Lord Ram. 

Since Sitamarhi-Harchouka is the first stop of Shri Ram Ji in Chhattisgarh, consequently work will be done to cherish this place. 

It has been announced develop Sitamarhi-Harchuka as tourism. 

For this, the Koriya Collector has instructed the administrative team to inspect the place and start the action plan. 

The Sarpanch of the village told that this place was taken over by the Archaeological Department, the government has started work for the construction of the temple here and construction is being done here for the convenience of roads, toilets, and passenger halls.

There is an ambitious project of Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel for the development of places related to the exile period as tourism pilgrimage. 

For this Ram Van Gaman, the circuit is being prepared. 

The government has selected 75 places related to Ram. 

In the first phase, 9 of these places are being beautified and developed. 

For this, an action plan of Rs 137 crore 45 laks has been prepared. 

Various civic amenities including good roads will also be developed in this circuit.

In Chhattisgarh, the places related to the exile period of Lord Ram are being developed as tourism pilgrimage, Sitamarhi-Harchuka in the Koriya district and Ramgarh in Surguja are also included. Of these, Ramgarh is also famous for being the world’s oldest theater.


Nearest railway station

 Anuppur (Madhya Pradesh) 89 km.

Distance from Raipur

360 km

Nearest city



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